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Blackpool Firework Championships 2014

The skies above Blackpool will light up again this September with the World Firework Championships!

Over four consecutive weekends in September, the skies will light up above Blackpool once again when the Firework Championships are back in town! 

The event will gather together the crème de la crème of the world’s firework elite and promises a mouth-watering series of shows with jaw-dropping entertainment for all the family - and a great opportunity for visitors to take an extended weekend break.

All displays subject to suitable weather conditions.

5th September - Sweden
12th September - Austria
19th September - Canada
26th September - Celebration Display from UK Team Titanium and Winner Announcement

The event takes place from 7pm to 8pm on Blackpool Promenade, and of course all displays will be subject to weather conditions at the time.

Firework Championships in 2013

Hundreds of thousands of people were treated to amazing displays at the annual festival throughout September as competitors from Ireland, France and China battled it out to be named winner.

And as Great British pyrotechnic experts Titanium rounded off the annual spectacle on Friday 27 September, it was the French team who were crowned victors.

Jean-Charles Audoubert (pictured right) was part of the winning team and described their art as a theatrical performance.

World Fireworks Championships at Blackpool

He said: “As a team composed of people whose experiences originate from every aspect of performing arts, we are united in the quest for the existential by using the sky as an enormous theatrical stage of infinite dimensions.”

World Fireworks Championships at Blackpool

Blackpool hosts the World Fireworks Championship each year in September when tens of thousands of people make the trip to the resort each week to watch the amazing master blasters light up the skies with jaw-dropping displays.

Marketing Blackpool Event Organiser Chris Pope said it is a hugely successful event.

Chris said: “The World Fireworks Championships is a great event to organise and one we are immensely proud to welcome back to Blackpool year after year.

World Fireworks Championships at Blackpool

“It is popular with visitors and residents alike and is the perfect event to run side by side with the Blackpool Illuminations.

“All the competitors put on incredible displays this year but it was France that the judges applauded most and we congratulate them and all the competitors on all their hard work.”

Take a look at this short video of the finale, with thanks to our friends at MediaFilms.

Hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed the sight!

Teams of top international firework experts from Ireland, China and France represented their homeland by staging stunning pyrotechnical displays above Blackpool’s North Promenade on 13, 20 and 27 September 2013, showcasing the artistry of their pyrotechnical team and the innovation of their fireworks designers.

Natalie Wyatt, Managing Director of Marketing Blackpool, said: “The International Firework Championships is an amazing event enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people each year.

“We enjoyed some spectacular displays and welcoming many people into the resort.

The Illuminations light up the promenade, and the Fireworks lit up the sky high above Blackpool, as once more the World Fireworks Championships were held in the seaside resort.

BOOM, BANG, WHOOSH! The sound can be heard and the display could be seen for miles around, as each of the evenings kicks off with the fireworks at 8.30pm with the evening starting from around 7.30pm.

The FREE annual event is held centrally on Blackpool promenade on Tower Festival Headland each September, with great views to be had from central and north pier.

All along the seafront of the Fylde Coast, subject to exactly where you are on the slight inwards and outwards undulation, the streams and sparkles can be seen high in the air, bringing people outside onto the seafront and balconies to watch, as far away as Cleveleys seafront.

The event brings the best of the worlds firework experts together and is another great free event from the north west seaside town.

If you live locally it's a great chance to come into town in the evening and enjoy a stroll in the still warm evening air before autumn sets in, and a bag of chips with a disposable fork - they taste so much better that way!

If you fancy visiting Blackpool for a short stay why don't you make the Fireworks Championships the weekend when you come to visit? There's so much to see and do, whatever the weather, you can be sure of a great time.

Remember to keep an eye on the Events Calendar- each of the dates is listed individually, along with hundreds of other things to do on the Fylde Coast

Blackpool Fireworks Championships

French team, winners of the World Firework Championships in Blackpool, 2013
Focus Pyro with their winning trophy in 2013

Fireworks off Blackpool north pier
Fireworks off Blackpool north pier

Blackpool Firework Championships
Blackpool Firework Championships



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