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Mamma Mia comes to Blackpool summer 2014

Mamma Mia comes to Blackpool summer 2014

Mamma Mia comes to Blackpool summer 2014

MAMMA MIA! Comes to Blackpool

MAMMA MIA! Comes to Blackpool 

MAMMA MIA! International Tour comes to Blackpool

Blackpool is the only place outside London where you can see this fantastic feel-good show - MAMMA MIA! is coming to town!


Tickets went on sale for this smash hit show from 1st May 2013, which was originally planned for a ten week run ending on 31 August.

Advance ticket sales were so successful that an extra two weeks were added to bring the closing date to 14 September - which gives you a couple of weeks to take in the Illuminations too!

For the first time in more than 10 years Blackpool is hosting a Summer Season of a major West End musical production. The International Tour of the worldwide hit MAMMA MIA! will be staged exclusively in the resort with Blackpool Opera House being the only UK date outside of London to host the production this year, and Live Blackpool went along to the preview in Spring 2013 which you can read about below....

Free coach parking for MAMMA MIA! in Blackpool

Free parking is being offered to coach operators to help meet demand to see MAMMA MIA! in Blackpool.

The world renowned musical is running for 12 weeks this summer at the Blackpool Opera House beginning on Friday (20 June).

And in recognition of the important role coach operators will play in transporting customers to the venue, drop off spaces have been allocated especially for coaches on Adelaide Street.

Free layover spaces will then be provided at council office, Progress House for during the duration of the shows.

Cllr Graham Cain, cabinet member for leisure and tourism, said: “Bringing MAMMA MIA! to Blackpool for a full summer season is a huge coup for the town and it has proven to be hugely popular.

“We recognise that coach operators can play a key role in making the run a success so have made arrangements for drivers in advance.

“All companies have to do is let us know and they can park for free.”

Operators can book spaces by calling (01253)476395.

Please give three days notice and provide details of the date and time of performance, along with company name and coach registration.

MAMMA MIA! is described as "the ultimate feel-good musical.”

Judy Craymer's ingenious vision uses ABBA’s timeless songs to help tell an enchanting tale of family and friendship unfolding on a Greek island paradise.

To date, it has been seen by more than 54 million people in 39 productions in 14 different languages grossing more than " --> billion at the box office.

MAMMA MIA! The Movie is the highest worldwide grossing live-action musical film and it is estimated that one in four households in the UK has the DVD.

It is one of only five musicals to have run for more than 10 years both on Broadway and in the West End, and in 2011, it became the first Western musical ever to be staged in Mandarin in the People's Republic of China.


Well you can imagine that twanged my insatiable curiosity, so off I trotted to Blackpool on a bright and sunny Wednesday morning as invited.

The foyer of the Opera House in the Winter Gardens was packed, with some people who I knew, but plenty of people who were obviously from out of town. Exciting, what's the big reveal?

Everyone filed into the theatre, and it would seem I'm not the only curious one as there must have been about 200 people there - businesses, council officers, press, councillors, hoteliers, and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

Mamma Mia comes to Blackpool summer 2014

The lights dimmed and the stage lit up, for the announcement by Councillor Graham Cain, Portfolio Holder for Tourism. MAMMA MIA! the global success that it is, seen by millions of people with one in four racking the DVD at home, is coming to Blackpool for the summer 2014 season, thanks to huge efforts from a big team of people.

I love Abba, I was brought up on their songs in the 1970's, as my mum danced around the living room, deafening the neighbours with their whole back-catalogue on full blast. So I thoroughly enjoyed the preview film that we saw and soaked up sounds much louder than we ever managed at home. It doesn't matter how good a stereo you have, nothing can beat the experience of sound that soaks into your body as well as your ears that you get in a theatre, club or cinema.

Mamma Mia comes to Blackpool summer 2014

Four of the cast had travelled overnight to come to Blackpool for a preview performance - just about ten short minutes of performance and song - and what voices! For someone who can barely hold a note, I was astonished that people can sing live like that - and if I'm honest I couldn't spot the microphone either. Incredible.

Mamma Mia comes to Blackpool summer 2014

I was sat quite near to the front and caught a few photos from my seat - I hope you like them. At one point I was singing along - the benefit of such loud music in a theatre is that you can 'sing like no one is listening' and it covers you up! By all accounts, the audience at the shows spend most of their time on their feet and dancing!

Fantastic, feel good music and a great experience for those who go to the show, and a superb shot in the arm for Blackpool. With an announcement made so early it gives businesses and hoteliers ample chance to promote it to their guests and encourage people to come to Blackpool for a stay-break.

More about MAMMA MIA!

The exciting announcement follows negotiations with the show’s producers Littlestar services LTD, Blackpool Council, Marketing Blackpool, the Winter Gardens and Apollo Leisure working in partnership to bring this global phenomenon to Blackpool.

MAMMA MIA! is Judy Craymer’s ingenious vision of staging the story-telling magic of ABBA’s timeless songs with an enchanting tale of family and friendship unfolding on a Greek island paradise. To date, it has been seen by more than 50 million people in 37 productions in 14 different languages grossing more than " --> billion at the box office. MAMMA MIA! the Movie is the highest grossing musical film and one in four households in the UK has the DVD.

From West End to global phenomenon, the London production of MAMMA MIA! has now been seen by more than 1 in 10 of the entire UK population. It is one of only five musicals to have run for more than 10 years both on Broadway and in the West End, and in 2011, it became the first Western musical ever to be staged in Chinese in the People’s Republic of China.

Cllr Graham Cain, Cabinet Member for Tourism and Culture, said: “It’s more than ten years since Blackpool last had a full summer season show of this quality. Over the last few years Blackpool has transformed dramatically and we have been able to show investors and visitors that the town has changed.

“When speaking to the Business Community I have frequently been told that we need a big draw that offers something new that appeals to different types of visitors. I’m absolutely delighted that, as a Council, we have been able to bring this high quality West End show to Blackpool.

“We are a town synonymous with theatre. Millions of people have been entertained in Blackpooland spent their summer holidays enjoying shows in the many venues; it’s time we returned to those days.

“I’ve no doubt that this fabulous musical will appeal to local residents but we also want businesses in the area, whether that be restaurants or hotels, to take advantage of this opportunity to attract more visitors as this represents a massive potential for the local economy to benefit.”

Michael Williams, Operations Director at Crown Entertainment Centres Ltd on behalf of the Winter Gardens, said: “MAMMA MIA! continues to be a huge success around the world and now it’s coming to Blackpool. We are really looking forward to working with a great team to bring such a fantastic show to The Opera House.”

With music & lyrics by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus, MAMMA MIA! is written by Catherine Johnson, directed by Phyllida Lloyd and choreographed by Anthony Van Laast. The production is designed by Mark Thompson, with lighting design by Howard Harrison, sound design by Andrew Bruce & Bobby Aitken and musical supervision, additional material & arrangements by Martin Koch.

The International Tour of MAMMA MIA! is produced by Judy Craymer, Richard East & Björn Ulvaeus for Littlestar in association with Universal, Stage Entertainment and NGM.

MAMMA MIA! Creator/Producer Judy Craymer added: “Following 14 years of producing MAMMA MIA! all over the world, we are extremely excited to be playing a summer season in Blackpool. We are sure audiences will find it the perfect place to have the time of their lives!”

Nick Grace, Associate Producer of the International Tour, said: “MAMMA MIA! is the perfect feel-good summer show for a summer season in one of Europe's premier seaside resorts.”

The hugely successful International Tour premiered in Dublin in September 2004 and has to-date visited 74 cities in 35 countries and been seen by more than 4.3 million people.

For information about how to book go to


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