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Blackpool Tower and promenadeThe iconic Blackpool Tower - just one landmark in Blackpool

Local Buildings & Landmarks

Bit by bit, we're looking at the interesting buildings, places and spaces in Blackpool

Come and take a look around... Blackpool is home to lots of interesting buildings

With roots in Victorian Britain, in Blackpool there are plenty of historically important buildings, beautiful ones, and some that are not quite so pretty!

There are stories hiding behind modern facades, restoration projects ongoing, and some in desperate need of tender loving care.

There are also plenty of modern edificies, not what you'd describe as a building, but unmissable nonetheless, with a reason for their existence, a story to their walls.

There are also some interesting public places and spaces - and bit by bit we'll take a look at and into their past and present, with the intention of building an online archive of Blackpool buildings and landmarks for people to enjoy.

We want your input!

We know that we aren't the only ones who are fsacinated by these facts and stories, so we want you to contribute your knowledge.

Whether it's a family memory, a bit of categoric fact, or a photo from your archive, we'd like you to contribute what you know. We can give you a name check or not, depending on how shy you are!

Bit by bit, in Wikki style, we'll create an archive between us of all the things we find interesting.

By all means if you come across a building that's not covered please feel free to send in a photo and start off a new page. There will be plenty to go at for a long time! Just email

Live Here or Visit - we Love it!

We're often asked whether these websites are for visitors or locals - the short answer is both!

It doesn't matter whether you live in the shadow of Blackpool Tower, or at the other end of the country and only come here once a year, if you love the place then it's for you!

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Find out More

Explore Blackpool's past with lots of pages about the history of local buildings and places in the 'History' section here.


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