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Anchorsholme Park

Zip Wire at Anchorsholme ParkZip Wire at Anchorsholme Park

Path through Anchorsholme ParkPath through Anchorsholme Park

Roger and Oliver at Anchorsholme Park swingsRoger and Oliver at Anchorsholme Park swings

Neville hiring out equipment at Anchorsholme Park
Neville hiring out equipment at Anchorsholme Park

Mark and Darren bowlingMark and Darren Bowling

Anchorsholme Park

This park is a wide open space against the seafront and promenade at Princes Way, on the approach to Cleveleys.

From the most northern end of Queens Promenade at the tram stop and public toilets at Anchorsholme, Princes Way carries on against the seawall along the promenade to Cleveleys.

The main road and tram tracks continue through the centre of Cleveleys, and in the triangle between you’ll find the lovely Anchorsholme Park.

Anchorsholme Park

Once the site of the famous Cleveleys Hydro Hotel, Anchorsholme Park has big open wide spaces which are well used by the local community and visitors alike.

Location: Anchorsholme Park is directly opposite Anchorsholme Lane Tram stop on the line to Cleveleys and Fleetwood.

More about Anchorsholme Park

Anchorsholme Park is more or less out of action due to the extensive works being carried out by United Utilities.

They have built a storage tank under the park, to store sewage and storm water during periods of heavy rainfall, to reduce the amount of times that it is necessary to make combined sewer discharges out to sea. 

The second phase of their works is to construct a new pumping station and add a new, longer outfall pipe.

You can read about works at Anchorsholme Park here

When these works are completed, the park will be relandscaped and new facilities added as the remediation phase gets under way. 

Friends of Anchorsholme Park
Friends of Anchorsholme Park

A new Friends Group was formed for Anchorsholme Park in 2013, and they had been working hard in the park before the onset of the United Utilities works. 

You can find out more about the Friends of Anchorsholme Park here, in the section about community groups.


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