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Offshore windfarms
Offshore windfarms

Views Across the Sea

Across miles of horizon looking out to sea from Blackpool, on a clear day you'll spot land ahoy!

At quick glance, the sea at Blackpool looks like, well, just flat sea with nothing to see!

But look closely on a clear day and you can actually see quite a lot, over the sea.

You’ll see more at the north or south of the centre, as you travel around the curving coastline to see Wales in the south and the Lakes in the north, but you can actually see the ends of each land mass from central Blackpool.

At your left you’ll see the hills of Snowdonia which is the largest right hand of the humps stuck up in the water. To the left of them coming back to land is the north Wales coastline, including Prestatyn and Rhyl. The hills of north Wales look almost like the bumps of the Loch Ness Monster!

Looking out to sea, at the right of the horizon you’ll see the windfarms. The smallest turbines are the Walney Offshore Windfarm – some of which is actually cabled into Cleveleys (and you can read all about it through the windfarm portal on Visit Cleveleys).

Follow the windfarm as you travel along the coastline travelling north, and their position appears to change as they line up and then spread out. Of course it's actually the difference in the curve of the coast which changes the view - even though you feel like you have travelled in a straight line!

Further to their right you can see Walney Island at the very end of the land mass, heading inland Ulverston is next, followed by Grange over Sands, and then the power station at Heysham which is the big white building. The coast then turns around Morecambe Bay which goes out of view.

Out to sea there are assorted rigs and masts associated with the gas fields, and of course you’ll see ferries sailing in and out of Heysham to Ireland.

If you are really lucky, on a clear evening at sunset, you might see the Isle of Man. You need to be looking in the direction of the windfarms, and the hills will be lit up by the sinking sun – it’s about as far as you can see across the horizon.


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