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visitBlackpool for Tourist Information

visitBlackpool is the official tourism website where you'll find lots of information for visitors.

If you are interested in the mainstream tourist things, and want to know more about the big events and projects organised by the official tourist board then you need to take a look at the visitBlackpool website.

Go to where you'll find information about:

* Attractions
* Events
* Places to stay

Marketing Blackpool is the company responsible for keeping Blackpool on the tourist map, raising its profile, delivering events and attracting people to come here and stay on holiday. They do that with the visitBlackpool brand, which you will see on literature, their website and more besides.

Live Blackpool is dedicated to, you guessed it, all things about life in Blackpool!

It’s the place to come for information about local places, community events, groups, local news, and what’s happening on a grass-roots level.

It’s here for everyone to use, whether you live in the resort, or just love it and want to keep in touch.

Live Blackpool is also linked to the other six websites about the Fylde Coast, so you can see what's happening from Fleetwood to Lytham, and find out about the new updates on all the websites, from one central place.

Go to the homepage to find the links, happy exploring!

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Blackpool Tower
The iconic Blackpool Tower!


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