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Little Marton Windmill

Friends of Little Marton Windmill

Public Open Days at Little Marton Windmill

Public open days at Little Marton Windmill in 2017

Make a note of these days when you can take a look inside Little Marton Windmill. Marvel at the inside of this building which is over 200 years old, and see the displays which take you back to its past.

All open days are Sundays, doors opening at 11.00am

Last admission 15.30pm, closing at 16.00pm

Entry is just £1.00 and the admission fee helps with the maintenance and upkeep of this piece of local history.

Sunday 16th April, (Easter Sunday)
Sunday 30th April
Sunday 14th May (National Mills Weekend)
Sunday 28th May
Sunday 25th June
Sunday 30th July
Sunday 27th August
Sunday 10th September (National Heritage weekend)
Sunday 24th September

11am to 4pm each day.

Private Events

The friends are pleased to open the mill for visits by organised groups, schools, scout groups, local history groups, etc.

Light refreshments can be arranged.

Find out More

Find out more about Little Marton Windmill here

Friends of Little Marton Windmill on Facebook

Little Marton Windmill website

Living Artwork at Little Marton Windmill

(Published Oct 2014)

LeftCoast in partnership with Avant Gardening and artist Rebecca Chesney created a giant living artwork in the green space around Little Marton Windmill.

Crocus at Little Marton Windmill, Blackpool

Residents and businesses were invited to roll up their sleeves and get involved with planting the 100,000 crocuses needed to create the ambitious installation.

Not only will the planting create a stunning living artwork that can be enjoyed by local residents but it will also brighten the Preston New Road route into Blackpool for visitors.

The crocus field flowered each year from Spring 2015, creating the perfect habitat for wildlife and bees as well as a torrent of colour around the mill.


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