St John Vianney's Parish Centre - Secure at Last!

St John Vianney's Parish Centre - Secure at Last!

The field at St John Vianney’s parish centre on Glastonbury Avenue, has been a target for vandals with trees damaged, broken bottles dropped, dog mess and numerous other incidents taking place.

At one stage, the field was even used as a route to break into the parish centre and neighbouring school.

These incidents meant the field has only ever been used sparingly; a huge waste of a wonderful area of grassed land.

Now, thanks to new funding from the National Lottery and their local ward councillors, Cllr Eddie Collett and Cllr Alan Matthews, they can finally begin work to create a new secure fence which should solve the problems.

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Chair of governors and parishioner, Cathy Butterworth, who applied for the funding, said: “I am so grateful to the National Lottery and our local councillors for awarding us these grants.

“As it currently stands, the field cannot be used to its full potential and that is such a waste of a prime site of green land.

“This funding now means we can make the parish field a safe, green space for our parish and community to use together for many years to come.”

The church parish council, in collaboration with the school governors, decided that action was needed and asked Cathy to take the matter forward and see what could be done to try to make the area safe.

She wrote to Cllrs Collett and Matthews to ask for support, and received a donation of £8,000 from their ward budget.

She also applied to the National Lottery Awards for All programme and was thrilled to be awarded £10,000.

Now, they have the finances they need to make their vision a reality.

Cllr Eddie Collett said: “We’re delighted to have been able to assist the church parish council and the community as a whole.

“Blackpool is densely populated area and so it was a great shame to see a gem of an open, green space going to waste.”

And Cllr Matthews said: “It’s a pleasure to be able to help local residents with this.

“I hope it will make a major difference to community groups and organisations.”

Parishioners at St John Vianney’s now hope that all members of the community who use the parish centre (Scouts, Beavers, Cubs, Guides, Brownies, senior citizens, local children’s parties, as well as their school children) will be encouraged to make better use of the field.

There are even plans for community fun days and an allotment or community garden.

Work will start in the New Year.

Group at the field

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