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Give a child a home - with Excel Fostering

Give a child a home – with Excel Fostering

Are you considering becoming a foster carer? There’s a number of agencies and local authorities to choose from so it’s important you find the right fit for you. Find out why you should give a child a home with Excel Fostering.

Could you give a child a home – with Excel Fostering

There are loads of reasons why you might want to welcome a foster child into your home. You’ll certainly have the opportunity to transform a child’s life, but there are many benefits for you and your family too. You’ll no doubt build lasting bonds with the children you look after. But your birth children will learn important life lessons and you’ll also learn specialist skills. Not to mention the financial reward of looking after children in care.

Contact Excel Fostering

You’ve decided that you could open your home to a small person, so what next? You’ll need to contact an agency which can offer you training and advice and match you to a suitable child or young person.

Excel Fostering is an independent fostering agency that supports around 90 foster carers across the North West of England. They’ve got offices in Lytham St Annes, Burnley and Warrington and can offer you excellent support and training. Their support will help you to provide a safe and secure home to children and young people in care.

For further information on why Excel Fostering is the best fostering agency for you, get in touch with a fostering advisor today.

It’s all in the matching for Excel Fostering

Have you ever wondered how looked-after children are placed with a fostering family that’s perfect for them? Well, it’s all in the matching process. 

Give a child a home - with Excel Fostering

One of our Placements Managers explains, “Here at Excel, we are not a heads-in-beds organisation. We take time and care to make lasting matches.” 

So, what types of things do Excel consider when matching a child or young person to a potential fostering family? 

  • Interests and hobbies – we like to take into account hobbies as much as we can, this can help break down initial barriers and are great conversation starters. 
  • Cultural and religion – it’s not crucial to make cultural matches. But having a good understanding of the child’s religion or culture is vital to make the child feel safe and secure in the home. 
  • Diet – children may have specific dietary needs that must be catered to. So we must think about this during the matching. 
  • Geography – probably one of the most important factors is to create as little disruption for the child as possible. Finding a family that’s close enough to the child or young person’s school and after school clubs. Then the child can continue with as much of their normal routine as possible. It’s beneficial for all involved. 

Great matching allows for greater stability for the lives of our children and young people. But in order to continue to do this, Excel needs a pool of exceptional foster carers – people as diverse and unique as the children we care for. 

If would like to know more just give us a call on 01253 712734 or visit  

Close to Home…

The John Lewis Christmas advert 2022 captures the essence of fostering in just one and a half minutes.

It poignantly demonstrates the lengths that foster carers will go through to make the children coming into their homes feel safe and welcome. They roll with the knocks just like this would be skateboarder.

Well done John Lewis for showing fostering in such a positive light. What do you think of it?

If you’ve ever thought about fostering, why don’t you get in touch with Excel Fostering Ltd and have a chat?

What Next?

All potential foster carers are professionally assessed. It might be your first time as a foster carer or you could be an experienced carer who wants to transfer fostering agencies.

Excel staff will use their years of experience to place children with the right carer. Your abilities, skill-sets, location, preferences and experience will all be taken into account. With great working relationships between carers and staff, and an experienced professional on hand 24 hours a day, they’ll help you on your fostering journey. There’s a responsive network of social workers across the area who are always on hand to answer your questions.

As a new foster carer, Excel will provide you with detailed fostering training. This will give you the knowledge to be able to take care of young people or children in care. Training is also offered every year on several topics in order to help you to improve your skill-set, with access to local venues so you never have to travel too far.

Why Excel Fostering?

Excel prioritise the safety and welfare of children and young people in care. With quality support for fosterers and staff, listening, hearing and acting for those they support. Their aim is to make brighter tomorrows – with exceptional outcomes for children and young people.

Excel Fostering is rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted. This rating was given due to the incredible work our team in the North West have achieved, providing care to children and young people, as well as an excellent service to foster carers.

Get in touch

Ready to become a foster carer? Learn more about the fostering requirementshow to become a foster carer or find out more about the different types of foster care available.

For further information on why Excel Fostering is the best fostering agency for you, get in touch with a fostering advisor today.

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