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Winter GardensThe newly renovated Winter Gardens

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Theatre, Shows & Variety in Blackpool

With a theatrical tradition going back decades it’s not surprising that Blackpool boasts an entertainment offer that’s second to none.

The variety of Variety at Blackpool is huge, from shows produced by community groups and amateur groups, through to the large shows found in the theatres of the area.

The spread of subjects is equally wide, from the classical of ballet and opera through modern plays and productions of the current day, to the old traditions of the seaside entertainment show.

Of course Blackpool is a major seaside resort and you'd expect to find the greatest number of venues here, and the widest variety of productions in this entertainment mecca.

You can enjoy entertainment on the Piers, at The Grand Theatre, Blackpool Tower and at the Pleasure Beach, along with many other smaller venues all over town. It's nice to come to a show when you are on holiday - but what a fabulous place to live in for residents who can enjoy all this all year round as they please - and often with reduced price visitor passes too.

Where else in the UK would you have a never ending stream of shows, plays and entertainment to enjoy like there is at Blackpool!

The Grand Theatre Blackpool



Big One Productions

BIG One Productions

BIG One Productions is a Blackpool-based production company producing theatre quality shows, for an affordable price. See what's on here



LeftCoast is Blackpool and Wyre's Creative People and Places Programme funded by Arts Council England. We're dedicated to developing the very best arts and cultural activity right here on your doorstep. See what's on here

Lowther Pavilion

Lowther Pavilion Theatre

A 450 seat theatre in an idyllic parkland setting, playing host to top international stars and local talent. The programme includes music, comedy, drama, musicals, celebrity talks, dances. Parking in the grounds is free in the evenings. See what's on here

The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre Blackpool

From opera, ballet and Shakespeare to variety, musicals and comedy giants, The Grand Theatre caters for every age, pocket and personality. See what's on here

Viva Blackpool

VIVA! Blackpool

VIVA! is a new, unforgettable experience right in the heart of the UKs favourite seaside resort. Presenting events, shows and entertainment it's an outstanding experience at the core of our spacious central promenade venue - get set to be amazed as we bring you our full production cabaret spectacular in wonderful surroundings. See what's on here

Blackpool Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens Blackpool

The Winter Gardens is an iconic building housing an amazing variety of venues over 11 spaces on two floors - with a magnificent ballroom and The Opera House - one of the largest theatres in the UK. See what's on here



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