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One last season for Bonny Street Market

We all love to look around a market, especially when we’re on holiday, they have an atmosphere all of their own! There’s a few good ones right here on the Fylde Coast. Bonny Street Market is one of them – but make sure you visit this year! The market closes for good in November at the end of the 2022 season. We went to take a look around…

Bonny Street Market was going to close permanently in January 2022. The operators put this notice on their Facebook page on 27.1.22. “It’s with regret we have to write this post. Sadly after 36 seasons we have had to close due to circumstances beyond our control. Unfortunately our site is being developed, along with the surrounding area into a new leisure development. So its with a heavy heart that we say a big thankyou and goodbye to all of our customers that have supported us over the past 36 years.”

BUT some great news was to follow! There’s been a reprieve for the market, just for this summer. It’s going to be open until 5th November 2022 – so if you want to visit do it before then!

Blackpool Central

Bonny Street Market has to close because a major redevelopment project is getting underway at Blackpool Central, to create a new indoor theme park.

The enabling works include a new multi-storey car park towards the rear of Central Car Park, close to Central Drive. Phase 1 is restoration of heritage buildings at Central Drive. Our guess is that the site of the market will become the site compound for the duration of the works. Let’s see if we’re right!

In early March, just before the market opened for one last season, we went for a look around –

Look around Bonny Street Market

This popular outdoor market was just a stone’s throw from Blackpool seafront near to Coral Island, slightly protected from the weather by surrounding streets. It was sandwiched between Bonny Street (the road along the back of Sea Life and the amusements) and Central Car Park.

Open daily throughout the season, from Easter to the end of the Illuminations. We went to have a look around in June 2021. Take a look back at it in this video –

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Something for Everyone!

Bonny Street Market was Blackpool’s largest open air market, with 75 stalls and something for everyone.

A packed toy stall welcomed you into the market’s main entrance. Ladies, gents and childrens clothes. Fancy goods, homewares, gifts, bags, music and much more.

With stalls packed tightly together, music playing and people chatting and laughing, it had a great atmosphere, especially on a sunny day!

Stalls at Bonny Street Market
Stalls at Bonny Street Market

Did you know? Bonny Street Market first began in 1985, on the site of the former Stanley Cubbins Fairground.

While you’re here…

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5 thoughts on “One last season for Bonny Street Market”

  1. The irony is – that market is tiny in the first place. Cant they just build around it ? Where else are you going to hear someone randomly playing Percy Faith And His Orchestra – ‘Theme From A Summer Place’ ? All that history, atmosphere and long standing friendships made . . to be replaced by a SHITE characterless car park !

  2. What do they need to close Bonny St Market?, it only takes p a small piece of land surely to God the bloody council can leave it alone, after all it brings in revenue to the town. Your losing an asset Blackpool. πŸ˜•

  3. Chariots Of The Gods is a flawed concept, having witnessed a UFO myself hovering over a chemical plant in Trafford Park in 1999 i too thought we must be being visited by aliens. It was only as a christian that i found out that Jesus, Mary & some of the saints had appeared to the visionary Veronica at Bayside USA (1970-94) amongst other things she was told about the end times we are living through was that Satan & his cohorts were flying these craft around to trick mankind into believing aliens exist, they don’t. There were many miracles performed there during the period to authenticate their appearances.

  4. Loved going there for gifts and generally buying shite to give to people when we got back …it had a good wee vibe , and the guy selling the hot donuts was awrite β€πŸ’–πŸ’—

  5. Going to miss bonny street market always went to it 2 or 3times when we visited Blackpool sorry it is closing was part of Blackpool

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