Seaside Awards for Blackpool beaches

Seaside Awards for Blackpool Beaches

There are more Seaside Awards for Blackpool Beaches this year! The awards from Britain Tidy, once again recognise high standards.

Blackpool in Bloom 2022

Blackpool in Bloom

Enter Blackpool in Bloom – the annual gardening competition to put colour and civic pride into Blackpool for residents and visitors

Salisbury Woodlands Blackpool

Salisbury Woodlands

Salisbury Woodlands is bordered by East Park Drive and Woodside Drive. It links Blackpool Zoo with Stanley Park.

Looking after Blackpool beach

Looking After Blackpool Beach

Our beaches are a precious natural resource. Here’s a quick look at what goes into looking after Blackpool beach today.

Cleaning up Blackpool - there are plenty of bins

Cleaning up Blackpool

Lots of us care what it looks like and how much harm rubbish does. Find out what everyone in the community is doing towards cleaning up Blackpool.

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