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Blackpool Central PromenadeBlackpool Central Promenade

Google map of Blackpool seafrontGoogle map of Blackpool seafront - click on it to go to Google maps Street View of Blackpool promenade

Blackpool beachBlackpool beach

Blackpool promenade at North CliffBlackpool promenade at North Cliff 


From Squires Gate in the south, to Anchorsholme and on to Cleveleys in the north, with the amazing Golden Mile in between

The man-made sea defences along the Blackpool coastline offer changing scenery for everyone to enjoy.

Have a look around Blackpool seafront with the other pages in this section. Lots of photographs, video clips and more information to find out.

Blackpool's Golden Mile

We'll start with two clips of the bit of Blackpool seafront which everyone knows best - the Golden Mile between the piers. These clips are taken from Central Pier.

This one looks north towards central promenade and beach, with Blackpool Tower and North Pier.

This clip looks southwards to South Pier and the Pleasure Beach.

Now put your feet up and enjoy this drone footage with thanks to VJ Decoder - it flys over much of Blackpool seafront - plus some bonus shots including Stanley Park and such like.

Blackpool by drone from vj decoder on Vimeo.

Blackpool Seafront - South to North

In the south, the seafront road leaves the borough of Fylde and Blackpool starts at Squires Gate, where the sea defences are relatively new and the concrete sea wall includes 'sea bees', hexagonal concrete shapes that disperse the energy of the waves. After years of being submerged in water, wildlife take over and algae, seaweed and life grow on the surface and in the pockets of water left with each outgoing tide.

Southern sea front at BlackpoolLooking towards South Pier and the Pleasure Beach from Blackpool South

Here, the wide and reasonably new promenade includes pieces of public art and the iconic Glitterball which was completely refurbished in recent times, so that it carries on twinkling for many years to come.

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Around South Pier, the Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle Waterpark, you reach the newest sections of Blackpool's sea defences. The new design includes wide, extended headlands which stretch out into the sea, with Spanish steps going down to the beach along the length of the curved design.

Looking along Blackpool seafront and promenade from central pierLooking towards central Blackpool, taken from South Pier

In central Blackpool along the Golden Mile and between the piers, the Spanish Steps are interspaced with sections of concrete wall.

Blackpool Central seafront

Miles of golden sandy beach are yours to enjoy in winter or summer, along with the newly built promenade walkway right against the sea, and Tower Festival Headland where you can stop to read the Comedy Carpet, and sit on a seat to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the views.

Looking towards Blackpool Central Pier with North Pier behind youLooking towards Central Pier with North Pier behind you, the Tower is on your left

Although it's a man-made wall, the beach is still a rich table for the birds that feed there and of course Blackpool wouldn't be seaside without the resident seagulls. Keep your eyes open and you'll see lots of wildlife along the whole of the Fylde Coast.

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Head past North Pier to Bispham and the seafront changes quite dramatically, rising to the tall grassy banks and cliffs.

Looking along Blackpool North ShoreThis photo is taken from the Gynn area - the roundabout past North Pier where the road starts to climb and there's a steeper drop to the sea

The only high spot on this coastline, it's a place to enjoy fabulous views over the shore, both looking left towards North Pier and to the right you'll see Bispham and Cleveleys, and over the water the Lakes and out to sea the offshore windfarms.

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Before leaving Blackpool in the north, you reach Anchorsholme as you approach Cleveleys, and the last section of promenade is Princes Way.

Looking along lower promenade at Little Bispham
This photo is taken from the seafront behind the tram crossing at Little Bispham/Anchorsholme, looking south along the seafront and lower promenade walkway

The very last section of Blackpool seafront, at Anchorsholme as you approach the boundary with Cleveleys, was rebuilt in a project costing £22m and completed at the end of 2016. 

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Anchorsholme sea defences in north Blackpool meet Cleveleys

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Original watercolour painting of Blackpool Seafront from Seaside Emporium

Blackpool Seafront, original watercolour painting from Seaside Emporium


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