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About Blackpool Community Groups

From Alchemy to Zoology (well amost!) there are hundreds of community groups on the Fylde Coast, and in this section we introduce you to the ones in Blackpool.

The thing with the majority of community groups is that they are good at what they do, and they are well known within their circle of family, friends and supporters, but to the wider community their huge efforts and successes are not as well known.

Through this website we are going to change that, and share with anyone who is interested the details of the community groups that you support and enjoy being part of and work hard to make so successful.

You can find information about community sports teams in the Sport section under Recreation and Entertainment.

Please get in touch and share your stories – we want to know how and why you formed, what you do, who you help, and how your members benefit from being involved. You might want more members, more funding or more people to help – so we can help you to spread the word, because don’t forget this site is also linked to others across the coast.

Promotion for community organisations who don't have paid staff is completely free, both in this section and on the community groups list.

Just send your stories by email to and don’t forget to include some photos (jpegs please). Nice smiley shots please, of you all doing what you do best! We’ll then put a page in this section for you about your group.

Don’t forget to add your group details to the community groups list. It’s an alphabetical appearance of the voluntary and community groups on the whole of the coast and appears in the same way across all the set of linked sites, so anyone from anywhere can find you, see what you do in brief, and get in touch.


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