Fleetwood Museum reopens soon, for the 2022 season. Visit the exhibits and see the past come to life. Volunteers wanted - could it be you?

Visit Fleetwood Museum

Visit the exhibits at Fleetwood Museum and see the past come to life. Take part in events for everyone!

Entrance to Blackpool Central Pier in the 1930s

History of Blackpool Central Pier

Always designed to be a place of fun, in its early days that meant dancing. Take a look at the history of Central Pier with Live Blackpool.

Bonny Street Market Blackpool

Bonny Street Market gets a Reprieve!

We all love a market, especially when we’re on holiday. Good news for Blackpool Bonny Street Market which gets a reprieve for this year!

Church Street in Blackpool town centre

Church Street in Blackpool Town Centre

This page is about Church Street in Blackpool Town Centre. What’s there now, how it started and some ‘Did you Know’ moments…

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