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Stanley Park - FREE Events

Music for all tastes, vehicles and outdoor adventure - free things for summer and events through the year - at Stanley Park.

The Friends of Stanley Park and Salisbury Woodland work hard throughout the year to bring you lots of FREE things to enjoy in this fabulous park and wood right at the heart of Blackpool.

Your Memories of Stanley Park

Stanley Park celebrated its 90th summer this year with a big birthday celebration and a re-enactment of the original opening of the park.

Bandstand music in the 1970s at Stanley Park
1970's bandstand event in Stanley Park. 

Volunteers needed for Stanley Park Bandstand Events

The Friends of Stanley Park have issued a plea for more people to help them out during the events that take place through the summer.

The free bandstand events take place every Sunday between May and September, as well as an extra event on the August bank holiday Monday. People are needed to help with marshalling people at the events, as well as with clearing up afterwards.

Elaine Smith, Chair of the Friends Group, said: “Yet again this year there are some excellent bands coming to the park for people to enjoy.

“However, these great events don’t put themselves on. We need volunteers to spare us a just a few hours of their weekend to put these kinds of shows on. In return, they get to spend their Sunday in the glorious Stanley Park listening to some fantastic music.”

For information, or to applying as a volunteer, call 316713 or email Carole Thaw on .

2017 Events & Entertainment in Stanley Park

Events at Stanley Park

Friends of Stanley Park Christmas Fair

2nd & 3rd December from 10am to 3pm.

Friends of Stanley Park Christmas Fair

The Friends of Stanley Park are having their Christmas Fair in the Visitor Centre.

We have some fabulous craft and Christmas items for sale as well as the usual cakes, hot punch, tombola, raffle and other games.

Father Christmas each day between 10.30am and 2pm

Enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie!

Keep a regular eye on the Events Calendar where everything is listed individually and make sure you don't miss any of the great free entertainment this summer at Stanley Park and Salisbury Woodland.

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More about Free Events in Stanley Park

There are music concerts throughout the summer - with a musical genre to suit every taste. Pitch your spot at the side of the bandstand, bring a picnic, enjoy an ice cream and while away the afternoon with a dance and a sing-along.

For vehicle enthusiasts there are events in the Italian Gardens.

Stanley Park bandstand has become a favourite place for the people of Blackpool on summer Sunday afternoons. Throughout the summer there is a mix of shows with concert bands, rock bands, metal, choirs, folk, reggae, soul and DJs.

Most acts love to appear on the bandstand. Some have large followings and up to 2,000 people have attended and created a carnival atmosphere, Rupert Fabulous comes to mind.

Touch the Pearl are a quality act and Kazoobian have their own material. Preston Concert Band and Sixteen Men Swinging are regulars. Recently choirs have become more popular. There are too many good acts to list them all. Blackpool has a lot of good young performers and the bandstand gives them a place to showcase their skills to a wide audience and there is no charge to the public.

The shows are put on by the Friends of Stanley Park who run events throughout the year to raise funds for them. For as long as anyone can remember, Carole Thaw, a member of the Friends of Stanley Park, has arranged the shows and been there on the day to staff them. To do this she has a number of volunteer helpers, such as Joan, Curtis, Billy and Dean, some who do a few shows and others who do more. There is always a need for more volunteers.

Public safety and the safety of the musicians has to be considered as electricity and water aren’t a good mix and the bandstand is open on all sides so on rainy days the acts have to be cancelled

There is plenty to do on the day of the show. A show may need special items which may need to be hired or borrowed. Items need to be transported to the bandstand, such as the dance floor for the Northern Soul show . The Friends of Stanley Park have a well-stocked stall and Carole does a great job finding small items that can be sold to make money towards the upkeep of the shows.

Every year from around October the next years shows are booked. 

Find out More

See for more information.

More about the Friends of Stanley Park and Salisbury Woodlands here.

Events at Stanley Park Bandstand

Events at Stanley Park


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