Independent Arts Scene in Blackpool. Representation on the line (Un)Framing our Identity exhibition 2019

Independent Arts Scene

There’s a flourishing Independent Arts Scene growing right here in Blackpool. It’s an anything-goes kind of town, full of theatre and entertainment. So it’s a perfect breeding ground for artists of all kinds.

Representation on the line (Un)Framing our Identity

A photographic exhibition from The Royal Photographic Society

Hosted by Hive in association with Arrested ReDevelopment

Following its successful showing in Chelsea, the girls at Arrested ReDevelopment have secured  this show for the town. It is running on all 3 floors at Hive cafe on Church street, Blackpool from Aug 31 until Sept 30th.

Open Thursday to Sunday, 11-5 or by prior appointment.

Representation on the line (Un)Framing our Identity. Independent Arts Scene in Blackpool
Representation on the line (Un)Framing our Identity. Independent Arts Scene in Blackpool

At the same time, Arrested ReDevelopment is running an exhibition of recent female photographic graduates from Blackpool and Fylde College.

Call into It’s a Gallery at St John’s Square from 29 August, throughout September.

How this exhibition Began…

In June 2019 four photographers from Blackpool featured in the RPS100 Heroines exhibition in Chelsea. Then another three Blackpool photographers joined the 2nd phase of the show at the end of June ’19 to be part of The Kensington and Chelsea Art Show.

Keeley Bentley, Claire Griffiths, Jill Reidy, Dawn Mander, Kate Yates, Marianne Van Loo and Libby Nightingale, the seven photographers featuring in The RPS Exhibition made up the most concentrated area of the UK within the exhibition. And a strong reason for the show to travel to Blackpool, Lancashire.

Their influences and backgrounds vary – some are self-taught and some from academic backgrounds.  All of them have been featured in publications such as The British Journal of Photography, The Guardian and Artist Newsletter and shown work in a number of national and international exhibitions. It’s the first time all seven photographers have featured in an exhibition together.

Blackpool’s Independent Arts Scene

Blackpool is no stranger to being photographed. It’s a destination for street photographers and a backdrop associated with films. (And sometimes questionable television). The town’s experienced its fair share of notable image makers, such as Tony Ray Jones and Martin Parr.

But over the last 7-10 years the group of female photographers who made Blackpool their home have slowly been documenting the town. Whilst others might subtly take influence from the hard to ignore coastal region.

  • A recent MA graduate Keeley’s work explores the male gaze and the traditional way female adolescents have been played out in mass media using Blackpool as a backdrop.
  • Dawn’s depiction of a Soup Kitchen in Blackpool invites the viewer to contemplate the relationship between the photographer and far reaching issues such as lack of investment.
  • Libby and Dutch Born Marianne’s photography examines who we are as women in the world, traditional roles and labels that humans assume.
  • Fine Art Graduate Claire’s ACE supported series explores 30 ex-professional performers who had been working in Blackpool prior to  the 70’s and their relationship to Blackpool, raising questions of shared experience and how personal stories are appropriated and sometimes lost.
  • Jill and Kate capture the people and streets on Blackpool in all their candid glory, with pathos and understanding of their lives.

Today Blackpool is often highlighted as one of the worst places to live for women in the UK. Collectively the work showcases seven very different but prolific female photographers working and living in Blackpool today. The cross section of work explores some biographical ideas associated with mass media. Including identity, feminism, youth culture and ownership.

Representation on the line (Un)Framing our Identity comes Home

August 31st sees the launch of the most prestigious photographic exhibition to be held in Blackpool for many decades.

Independent Arts Scene in Blackpool. Representation on the line (Un)Framing our Identity exhibition 2019

Independent Arts Scene in Blackpool. Representation on the line (Un)Framing our Identity exhibition 2019

The exhibition explores Identity and how we define our own and others identities. It’s powerful, thought provoking and inspiring.

More than 70 female photographers from all over the UK are participating in this super event. As well as nine from the Fylde Coast.

It brings together some of the very best female photographers from the UK. Many are well known and have featured in books/magazines etc worldwide. Their work is also exhibited and in global collections.

Book now for launch night

A limited number of places are available for the launch night. Please email to reserve your space. Or book online here.

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