Coronation Street Tram - saved from the scrap yard!

Coronation Street Tram – saved from the scrap yard!

For once I was in the right place at the right time on the right day! Thanks to Blackpool Heritage Trams for inviting us along to welcome the return of this iconic vehicle. The Coronation Street Tram – saved from the scrap yard – is now at Rigby Road. It will be restored then displayed in the Tramtown Museum. Well done everyone who made it possible!

Coronation Street Tram – saved from the scrap yard!

On a freezing cold Wednesday 8 February 2023, a small group gathered at Rigby Road tram sheds to await the return of this famous tram to its rightful home.

A public fundraising campaign in 2022 raised over £3200 for the transportation of it. So it travelled on a low-loader from storage at Fleetwood Dock along the roads of the Fylde Coast, back to the tram sheds.

Watch the video of it arriving back in Blackpool –

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What’s Next for the Coronation Street Tram?

It’s in a bit of a sorry state at the moment. Years of outdoor storage have taken their toll but the structure is there and it’s a definite ‘do-er-upper’.

Volunteers will restore the body of it back to its original 1980’s colours and it will form part of the static display at Tramtown Blackpool, the tramway museum.

At this stage, the machinery and mechanics aren’t going to be restored. But future generations of volunteers and enthusiasts might decide to make the tram operational again.

The Tram that Killed Alan Bradley…

There’s a number of Blue Plaques in and around Blackpool, marking all kinds of people, places and historical events.

Have you spotted one on the wall outside The Strand Hotel at Blackpool’s North Shore? It’s in the block where The Ambassador was famously demolished. It marks the spot where Alan Bradley met his untimely death.

After a gripping storyline, he got his comeuppance, running after Rita. In the episode aired on 8 December 1989 she narrowly misses being clipped by the moving vehicle. But Alan wasn’t so lucky and that was the end of him…

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