A year on Blackpool seafront

A Covid Year on Blackpool Seafront

How quickly things seem to get back to normal as visitors return to doing ‘normal’ things. Have a look back on a year on Blackpool seafront in video, throughout the covid pandemic.

It’s 2021 now and Covid restrictions are easing – hopefully. The UK vaccination programme is in full swing and well past the halfway mark. The British seaside is having a resurgence and the Fylde Coast is busy again!

But it’s less than 12 months since it was so different – so eerily quiet. Hopefully it won’t be like this again. We’ve spent a year documenting the lockdown and looking at Blackpool seafront through the changing times.

A Year on Blackpool Seafront

As soon as we were able to travel again, we were off to see what life was like in Blackpool. Although it’s only 4 miles away from where we live, we followed the rules and stayed away.

June 2020 – Travel Restrictions Lift

This is our first video from 18 June 2020. Coronavirus restrictions are still in place and it’s strange how quiet everything seems.

But a number of businesses are already taking advantage of the quieter time to make improvements and do building and refurbishment work. The improvement and maintenance theme continues apace for the next year!

Gloomy sky in July 2020

For the long months of the first 2020 lockdown the weather was glorious. Hot sunshine and bright blue skies. Wouldn’t you know that as soon as lockdown started to unwind, the weather changed!

We went for a walk along the promenade on 8 July 2020. Although warm it’s overcast and still very quiet…

South Shore and the Sandcastle

By the end of July 2020, Blackpool is still quieter than normal but at least the sun is shining! This time we’re at South Shore, looking around the promenade around the Sandcastle Waterpark.

North Pier in August

By the beginning of August, Blackpool seafront would normally be busy, even at 11am in a morning. But at the beginning of August 2020 it’s still much more quiet than it would usually be. The Covid pandemic has certainly made our seaside town look and feel very different.

A Year on Blackpool Seafront: September

The days turn into weeks, turn into months and it’s now the end of September 2020. The resort would usually be packed with people enjoying the Blackpool Illuminations but the pandemic has really had an effect. We do generally make our videos in a morning, but see how quiet it is –

Windy Weather!

Anyone who loves Blackpool will know that the wind is generally blowing on this fine town! We’re now into October 2020 and trying to find the best microphone for cutting down the wind noise. Think we might still be working it out at this point 🙂

The wind noise was so awful that we went back and tried again a couple of weeks later. See how quiet it is…

Lockdown 2 begins…

Join us for a walk along a deserted Blackpool seafront – the day before Lockdown 2 begins. It’s Wednesday 4 November 2020 and the country goes back into a second full lockdown on the 5th. We did exactly this walk back in June, just as the first lockdown ended, so we retraced our steps.

It’s a deserted Blackpool seafront today – the sun is shining but there’s a cold, stiff wind. Many of the smaller seafront kiosks and shops are already closed.

A Deserted Blackpool Seafront

We’re into November now and things look very strange – even for winter. OK so the weather can be awful, but Blackpool doesn’t close down over winter like many resorts do. Everyone just learns how to put their hood up and walk more quickly!

It’s certainly a strange sight to see Blackpool prom deserted during lockdown 2. There’s barely a soul around – just a few locals enjoying their exercise on the seafront. This was filmed on Thursday 12 November 2020.

Watch the Birdie!

We’re at Blackpool Central Promenade as the sun sets with thousands of starlings flying around in big flocks to roost for the night. The murmurations in Blackpool are spectacular – a bird watchers paradise. There were even more of them at North Pier! Filmed on Monday 7 December 2020.

Tier 3 into Tier 4

We’d been out in the sunshine while Blackpool was in Tier 3 just before Christmas, taking advantage of a sunny December morning to make some videos for the Christmas holidays. Even before Lancashire goes back into Tier 4, Blackpool is very quiet, especially as it would normally be packed out with people Christmas shopping.

This was filmed on Tuesday 22 December 2020. By Thursday 31 December 2020, Blackpool is back in Tier 4.

Our Year on Blackpool Seafront: February 2021

By the good night it’s cold! This LIVE broadcast was back on Wednesday 10 February. A walk to the water’s edge and a bit of fresh seaside air! We headed out during the 2021 lockdown to kill two birds in one stone: our mornings exercise and to make videos for you. See how quiet it is…

‘Stay at Home’ Ends

It’s 29 March and we’re in Blackpool with another LIVE broadcast. We do a few lives most weeks. The quality of the picture isn’t as good but it’s great to be there in the moment! Make sure you’ve subscribed and clicked the little notifications bell and you’ll be able to join us too.

It’s still deathly quiet… and the building work is still going on all around!

Life Begins Again…

You know what they say, nothing lasts forever. And we were in Blackpool on Monday morning 12 April 2021, the day that things began to reopen. What a difference some good weather and people make to a place. You can see Blackpool seafront coming back to life!

Completing a Year on Blackpool Seafront

To bring this page right up to date, this last video was made on Tuesday 8 June 2021. May half term week has been and gone but it’s still quite busy. Even at about 10am when this film was made. How different it looks to June 2020!

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