Street Art in Blackpool

Street Art in Blackpool

Have you seen the fabulous artworks painted on walls and gable ends in Blackpool?

They’ve been created by street artists in the Sand, Sea and Spray, Urban Art Event.

Street art from Sand Sea and Spray
This image is at Adelaide Street car park

This event has grown and over several years has seen bright and fabulous images appearing all over Blackpool.

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Over the years, urban artists have come to Blackpool from all over Europe to take part in the event and transform the blank walls of Blackpool into a masterpiece of colour and skill.

Artists have been in town from Austria, Croatia, Lisbon, London and more, painting over many different locations.

The Sun Lounge at North Pier, Deansgate, Adelaide Street car park, the car park on Central Drive/Palatine Road, the Winter Gardens and Church Street are all locations where you’ll spot street art.

Did you see the huge gable wall where a girl mixes records in shades of pink and red? This is an old image, and one of Live Blackpool’s favourites. Which one is yours?

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Sand, Sea and Spray Urban Art Festival

Urban Art in BlackpoolNot there any longer, this was one of our favourite pieces. Which is yours?

Urban Art in Blackpool

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    I’m looking for an artist that would voluntary decorate our radio stations ceiling from day time sky into evening sky a mixture of both .

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