Blackpool is famous for its trams. They’re as much a part of the town as the beach and the Tower! For well over 100 years they’ve trundled up and down the promenade, carrying visitors and residents on their way.

One of the Blackpool Heritage Trams
One of the Blackpool Heritage Trams

You can still ride the old fashioned Heritage Trams. They operate all year round, plus hosting lots of special events. Then there’s the new, modern tram service – sleek and smooth it’s brilliant public transport.

Plus, Blackpool is in the middle of extending the tramway along Talbot Road to the railway station to provide an even better service.

Most recent updates in this section:

Blackpool Tramtown Heritage Tram Museum

Welcome to Blackpool Tramtown!

Welcome to Blackpool Tramtown! In 2023 ambitious plans begin to transform it into a brand new museum and visitor attraction.

Enjoy a Blackpool Tram Ride!

Enjoy a Blackpool Tram Ride!

Never been on one of the Fylde Coast trams? Come with us and enjoy a Blackpool Tram ride – and see what it’s like.

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