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Going somewhere? Blackpool Transport is the Fylde Coast public transport provider. They are responsible for the service buses and the tramway along the coast. Here’s a brief overview of what, where, why and how – and links to further information. Their Blackpool buses network is one of the best in the country and combined with the Blackpool trams provides excellent transport around the town.

The current, new fleet of latest-spec Enviro buses will soon be changing to a new fleet of electric vehicles. Book tickets and follow your bus via the app, and look out for new real-time signage. Carrying over 10 million passengers annually in Blackpool, it’s a great, low-cost way to get from a-b. With a daily or weekly pass it’s an affordable way to get around when you’re on holiday. Hop along the prom from pier-to-pier or get to Stanley Park and the Zoo – there’s a bus for all of them!

New to the area? Not used to public transport? Take a look at Blackpool Transports highlights below (and some recent news) then head off to their website to find out more

Blackpool Transport to Withdraw Tendered Route and Enhance Core Services

Blackpool Transport is to hand services 74 and 75 (Fleetwood to Preston) back to Lancashire County Council from August 2024. Resources currently used on those routes will be diverted to improving service on core routes.

The withdrawing of the 74 and 75 routes will see Blackpool Transport hand the tender back to Lancashire County Council. After 17th August 2024, Lancashire County Council will put the routes back up for tender, enabling other local transport providers to take over and continue with the routes going forward.

Blackpool Transport routes 74 and 75
Blackpool Transport routes 74 and 75 which will be handed back to Lancashire County Council

Blackpool Transport will be starting to implement service enhancements prior to this date. A boost in promenade services has been in place since 30 March with Service 1A between St Annes and Cleveleys. Handing 74 & 75 will make way for improvements into core services through significant investments geared towards improving frequency, efficiency, and punctuality.

Service 3 has also seen customer feedback implemented. Later running times have been added. Plus a change in terminus to Victoria Square Stand D to aid ease of transfer between Bus and Tram. These enhancements come into place from 14 April.

You can view the new timetables on the Blackpool Transport app. Full details on the service changes are available at

Blackpool Transport Launch Subscription Price Freeze with New Fares

Blackpool Transport are freezing subscription prices on 7-day and 30-day saver tickets before fare changes on 31st March 2024. 

The subscription price freeze will keep the daily cost of a 30-day saver ticket at £2.53 for unlimited travel on Blackpool Transport buses and trams. Subscriptions renew automatically with no contract commitments, allowing customers to cancel at any time. 

Group tickets for any 5 customers to get unlimited travel will stay at the same price of £18. In line with the Government’s £2 Fare Cap, single adult bus tickets will also stay locked in at £2 until 31st December 2024. 

There will be a grace period until the end of April for customers who wish to opt into a subscription. Customers who cancel their subscription and re-subscribe after the end of April will pay the new price.

James Clough is Blackpool Transport’s Director of Finance and Commercial. He said, ”We’re excited to introduce our subscription price freeze for customers who travel frequently with us. Reliable, valuable travel is what we aim to deliver every day, therefore we are maintaining the same fares on selected tickets to keep our customers moving on the Fylde Coast.”

You can lock in your subscriptions for 7-day and 30-day tickets on the Blackpool Transport app. Full details on subscription freezing and fare changes are available at

Improvements to Blackpool bus routes from January 2024

Improvements came into effect on Blackpool Transport routes from 7 January 2024. Giving you better travel options and more reliable buses, with better frequency and new route numbers. 

New Blackpool bus routes from January 2024

The operator changed how it communicates its bus routes to customers, with many of its services seeing a change in the route number. Blackpool Transport is making the changes so you can understand information better and make better use of their services. 

Service 2 and 2c were replaced between Knott End, Poulton and Blackpool, instead they’ll be called the 5 and 5c respectively. Service 7 and 17 which connect Blackpool, St Annes & Lytham will become the 11a and 11b routes. Other services such as the 3 & 4 between Cleveleys and Mereside Tesco, and service 9 between Blackpool and Cleveleys will also see a change to their route numbers. 

Alongside changes in route numbers, improvements to timetables from January mean that most routes will have more time to complete their journeys, intended to improve reliability across Blackpool & Fylde Coast. 

By changing some of the route numbers, you have wider bus service options when travelling to certain destinations. A better set of timetables give you better connectivity if you need to change buses on a journey. Also, drivers have more time worked into journeys to help keep services on time when navigating the constant changes in traffic levels in and around Blackpool. For a full summary visit the Blackpool Transport website at

97% Punctuality since Routes Reimagined

Since Blackpool Transport’s ‘Routes Reimagined’ launched in January, their punctuality has increased to an industry-leading 97% across their bus network. 

Before ‘Routes Reimagined’, Blackpool Transport’s punctuality was at 90%, already above the bus industry average of 80%. This improvement means that customers spend less time waiting, due to their bus being on time 97% of the time. 

Blackpool Transport used City Swift to design accurate timetables that reliably deliver their services. City Swift’s AI technology has been recording journey times in Blackpool since January 2023, which has now been used to transform Blackpool Transport’s bus network into an industry leader for punctuality. 

James Clough is Blackpool Transport’s Finance and Commercial Director. He said, “City Swift brough new insight to our bus network that has taken us to an unprecedented 97% punctuality rate. The improvements we have made in the last few months are a credit to City Swift, our Planning team and the drivers on the frontline who deliver our services. The high-performance network that we now have will be the foundations for electric buses to be introduced to Blackpool in 2025.”

Blackpool Transport’s timetables are available on their website, app and from local information hubs such as libraries and the Tourist Information Centre. 

Renumbered Bus Routes

  • Service 2 renumbered to service 5. 
  • 2c renumbered to service 5c. 
  • Service 4 renumbered to service 3a. 
  • 9 is renumbered to service 7a. 
  • Service 7 between Blackpool Town Centre to St Annes and Lytham is renumbered to service 11a. 
  • And 17 renumbered to service 11b. 

Bus Fares remain at £2 until December ’24 

Bus operator Blackpool Transport confirms that the cost of single bus fares in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre will remain at £2 per journey as part of the Government £2 fare cap. It was due to end in October 2023, with tickets set to increase to £2.50 per journey. But the scheme’s been extended by the government until December 2024. So the good news is that Blackpool Transport will continue to support and remain involved in the discounted scheme. 

The popular £2 cap offers a saving of up to £0.90p per journey. It applies to adult single tickets, with child tickets remaining at £1.50 per journey. The extended £2 fare cap applies to all Blackpool Transport bus routes, including longer distance routes between Fleetwood, Poulton and Preston. Single fares can be bought onboard using contactless payments or cash. Or through the Blackpool Transport mobile app as a bundle of 10 single tickets.  

Jane Cole is Managing Director of Blackpool Transport. She said “We will continue to voluntarily support the government £2 fare cap and we’re delighted to be able to pass on continued savings for our many customers. The discount makes it really cost effective for customers who travel with us less frequently. For our customers who travel with us frequently each week, our adult and child saver tickets continue to offer phenomenal value for money compared with other methods of travel”. 

View the fares and read more information at

Travel to Work with Blackpool Transport

Blackpool Transport Travel to Work Scheme

Take advantage of the Travel to Work Scheme

The Travel to Work Scheme lets you access all BTS tickets for a discounted price. Use them on all Blackpool Transport buses and Blackpool Trams, to make every journey for a little less. 

Are you an employer on the Fylde Coast? 

If you’re a business or work in the Fylde Coast with a workforce of more than 5, you can join this scheme to benefit from better value travel. Access non-stop discounts on 1-day, 7-day and 30-day tickets. And get a one-time 50% off an adult day ticket when you first join! 

Using public transport provides you and your employees with a host of benefits. From solving parking issues to keeping people healthy and living a more environmentally aware life. The BTS Travel Scheme is another incentive you can share with staff. No subscription or sign-up fees, just better-value travel for local employees. Just fill in this form and Blackpool Transport will email you with further updates. 

Here’s a few reasons to join the scheme: 

  •  Completely free to join 
  •  Save over £160 each year 
  •  Unlimited travel across the Fylde Coast 
  •  No parking hassles 
  •  No contract, no strings 
  •  Carbon reduction 
  •  Catch up on ‘me time’ whilst travelling
  •  Promote better health & wellbeing 

Get a ‘Bus 2 Save’ Ticket to Affinity!

Blackpool Transport’s new ‘Bus 2 Save’ ticket gives you 10% off at selected stores at Affinity Outlet, Fleetwood.

Bus 2 Save at Affinity Lancashire

Ask any bus driver on the Blackpool Transport network for a ‘Bus 2 Save’ ticket. You can then claim your 10% discount on your next trip to Affinity Outlet. Use it in these stores

Baggage FactoryBonmarcheClarksCosta Coffee
CraghoppersDouble TwoHallmark               iFixTech
Julian CharlesKids AroundKlassLondon Leathers  
Mountain WarehousePaversProCookRegatta
SkopesThe Gift CompanyTrespassWeird Fish

Bus Diversions for the Illuminations

The Illuminations light up the famous Golden Mile each autumn – which means that Blackpool is extra busy! So to keep you moving, some of the Blackpool Transport bus routes will be diverted in the town centre during the evenings.

Switch on times change as the nights get darker so bus services will be diverting earlier as Autumn/Winter approaches. It might also mean a change to where you normally catch your bus so make sure to check the list of stopping locations so you’re also in the right place for your journey.

Trams run as normal throughout the illuminations – but they do get busy in the evenings. Please leave yourself plenty of time for your journey.

Real Time Bus Information in the Town Centre

Bus users in Blackpool can now benefit from real-time travel information in the town centre. It’s part of a wider commitment by Blackpool Council and Blackpool Transport Services (BTS) to promote public transport use. Find a state-of-the-art travel screen on Market Street in a prominent shop window, next to popular nearby bus stops. 

The screen and software system – funded by the council’s Local Transport Plan – has been installed by Journeo. You’ll also find live travel times for BTS and Stagecoach services displayed. This information was previously only available via the BTS and Stagecoach smartphone apps. It’s an alternative means of communication, especially for non-app users and those without smartphone or internet access.   

Getting around with Blackpool Transport Buses and Trams

Getting around Blackpool and the Fylde Coast couldn’t be easier with buses and trams operated by Blackpool Transport.

Getting around with Blackpool Transport buses and trams

They’re for local people and tourists, all year round. The great transport network means you get to enjoy everything which Blackpool and the surrounding areas have to offer. It’s a cost-effective way of travelling around the Fylde Coast. Easy to follow timetables make your journey easy and pleasurable.

New to the area? New to buses?

Did you know that you can plan your journey, with clear easy steps, using the Blackpool Transport website?

Plan your journey by bus or tram with Blackpool Transport
Plan your journey by bus or tram with Blackpool Transport

It’s very similar to using Google maps to plan a route. Tell it where you want to travel from and where you want to go to and it will give you directions, including which transport to catch where.

We asked it to take us from Cleveleys Bus Station to St Annes Station. First of all it gives you a choice of departure/arrival times and shows the route –

Plan your journey using the online route planner

We opted for the 7.04 departure time, clicked on that and it told us exactly what to do, including bus numbers and how far we would need to walk. Very clever!

Plan your journey using the online route planner

Tickets and Live Updates with the Blackpool Transport App

Do you use the Blackpool Transport app? It’s a great way to plan your journey and buy tickets. It also includes live updates.

With the app you can buy a range of tickets in advance with your smartphone. Then simply activate the ticket just before boarding any Blackpool Transport bus or tram. It also allows you to plan your journey, find the best route and even has a disruptions page.

Did you know? You can log into the Blackpool Transport wifi while you’re on the bus. Watch its journey to know exactly where you are. Sort of sat-nav for bus passengers!

Bus Travel Information

Individual timetables, guides to all services and network maps are widely available across the Fylde Coast. Find them at the main Blackpool Transport offices at Rigby Road. You’ll also find printed timetables at community buildings across the Fylde Coast.

Concessions: Pass holders of the English Concessionary Travel scheme can travel free on Blackpool Transport buses. Use your pass between 9.30am – 11pm Monday to Friday, anytime on Saturdays and Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Hop on Board with Contactless Travel & Fare Capping

No cash? No problem! You can use contactless payments on Blackpool Transport buses and trams. And, daily capping means that no matter how many times you travel and tap with us in a day, you’ll never pay more than the cost of a day ticket! 

Contactless payment arrived at Blackpool Transport in February 2021 after years of investment. Then in September 2022 daily capping came in on all of your Tap&Go and single contactless fares.

Tap Cap and Go with Blackpool Transport

How to use Tap, Cap & Go

  • When you board the bus or tram simply tap your contactless payment card or device onto the contactless payment machine. You don’t need to ask for a ticket but remember to smile and say hello!
  • When you leave, remember to tap the same card or device you used when you boarded on the ‘tap out’ reader. You will be charged the correct and lowest fare for your single journey every time.

Full details about Tap, Cap & Go is for Adult single fares only. If you need a Child or Young Person ticket, just pay onboard using contactless payments or in cash.

Blackpool Transport Hub

Improvement works on Corporation Street returned many routes to the centre of Blackpool. Use the transport and bus hub at Market Street and Corporation Street for inter-connected bus services and travel.

Timetables are available from the Blackpool Transport app and website, Blackpool Transport Customer Centre on Market Street or from the Tourist Information Centre at Festival House.

Blackpool Bus Hub
Blackpool Bus Hub

Dogs on Buses and Trams

Many of you love to take your dog with you onto the trams and buses. Dogs are welcome on Blackpool Transport vehicles. Please keep them on a lead and keep their feet off the seats!

If you travel frequently with your dog you can now buy a 7 Day Rover, a new saver ticket for your pooch. Save 25% of the cost of buying daily tickets for your four legged friend. More information about the 7 Day Rover here

Dogs on Buses and Trams

Blackpool Tram Information

The tramway runs along the Fylde Coast from Starr Gate at the southern boundary of Blackpool. Trams travel along the full length of Blackpool seafront, through Cleveleys to Fleetwood.

Blackpool Transport Tram

We caught a couple of Blackpool trams, running along the promenade at Blackpool. Take a look – this was filmed in July 2020.

Other Blackpool Transport news:

Awards for Blackpool Transport

Celebrating Victory in Innovation and Resilience at the 2023 Lancashire Tourism Awards

Celebrating Victory in Innovation and Resilience at the 2023 Lancashire Tourism Awards
Blackpool Transport Celebrating Victory in Innovation and Resilience at the 2023 Lancashire Tourism Awards

The Fylde Coast transport operator was awarded the prestigious award at the 2023 Lancashire Tourism Awards on Tuesday 6 February 2024. The Resilience and Innovation award recognises businesses within the tourism industry that have demonstrated great innovation, resilience and adaptation during and after a crisis or period of adversity.

Blackpool Transport’s resilience and innovative initiatives, such as the reimagining of its network and local Travel to Work discounts, have navigated industry challenges and positioned the company as a trailblazer in the field.

Jane Cole is Managing Director for Blackpool Transport Services. She expressed her gratitude, saying, “Receiving the Resilience and Innovation award is a tremendous honour for Blackpool Transport. It reflects the hard work, dedication, and strategic thinking of our entire team. This recognition is not just an award; it is a celebration of our commitment to delivering exceptional services while navigating through challenging times.”

The Lancashire Tourism Awards, known for recognising excellence and innovation in the tourism sector, serves as a benchmark for outstanding achievements across the county. Blackpool Transport’s victory in the Resilience and Innovation category further solidifies its position as a leader in the Fylde Coast’s transport and tourism landscape.

Blackpool Transport wins UK Bus Operator of the Year 2022

Not one but TWO prestigious titles were scooped by Blackpool Transport at this year’s UK Bus Awards. And they’ve been dedicated to the hard working and dependable teams, who continue to keep Blackpool moving despite the challenges of the last few years.

Blackpool Transport are winners of the UK Bus Operator of the Year and Gold Award winners of the Top Shire Operator of the Year. Presented on Tuesday 15 November 2022 in London, they’re some of the most prestigious awards in the UK for the industry. Operators from far and wide compete in multiple categories. Blackpool Transport’s win follows a pause in the awards scheme over the last two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK Bus Awards, UK Bus Operator of the Year
UK Bus Awards, UK Bus Operator of the Year

James Carney is Finance and Commercial Director at Blackpool Transport Services. He said:

“To be recognised and awarded as the UK Bus Operator of the Year is a true achievement for everyone at Blackpool Transport. Despite still recovering from the pandemic and facing national challenges, the award reflects the ‘going the extra mile’ ethics that our colleagues show daily.

“Every employee of Blackpool Transport, no matter where they are within the business, should be proud that their efforts and dedication has been recognised at a national level.”

The winner of the UK Bus Operator of the Year is selected from the highest-scoring contestants in the Top City Operator, Top Independent Operator and Top Shire Operator Awards.

Launch of 15 new Palladium vehicles
Launch of 15 new Palladium buses in Blackpool. Mayor of Blackpool, Cllr Amy Cross and Blackpool Transport Managing Director, Jane Cole are joined by the Blackpool Transport team and stakeholders at the launch of the new buses.

Continuous Improvement

In 2016, Blackpool Transport made a commitment to the local authority, the people of Blackpool and the millions of visitors to the town. They said they would implement a continuous replacement programme for the 140-strong bus fleet. Since then, Alexander Dennis (ADL) has supplied 55 Enviro400 City double deckers and 33 Enviro200 single decker buses.

Working closely with Blackpool Transport, ADL has adapted its buses to the operator’s premium ‘Palladium’ standard. There’s free Wi-Fi, e-leather seating, wood effect flooring and both audio and visual stop announcements.

Blackpool Transport Palladium vehicles

Jobs at Blackpool Transport

It isn’t just about driving at Blackpool Transport. Conductors, Tram Drivers, Engineers, Cleaners and Admin staff all play a key part too.

Recruitment drive for new staff

Holders of PCV licenses with a valid CPC can start their roles on £25k per year as part of Blackpool Transport’s enhanced wage structure. 

The current rate, which could increase pending pay talks, will see holders of a PCV licence, valid CPC and relatable experience start their initial training with a salary of up to £25k per year. The intensive training program with the company’s professional team will have you on the road within three weeks. The average driver at Blackpool Transport currently earns up to £30,000 with overtime available. Don’t forget you can also train to drive the Blackpool trams too!

Starting wage of up to £25k a year

Blackpool Transport is also looking towards the future introduction of electric buses across the Fylde Coast. The enhanced offering of pay is an opportunity to welcome new colleagues to the business during this exciting and evolving period. 

James Clough is Financial and Commercial Director. He said “As a business, we are always looking to improve our services. In January, we plan a change to our network to make customer journeys clear, easy and efficient. To do this successfully, we are looking to enhance our resources of PCV licence holders and have put together an attractive offer to join our team for the exciting developments ahead.” 

Interested in applying for Blackpool Transport’s vacancies? Including trainee PCV drivers without a licence. Visit for full information and an online application process. 

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