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Showzam! Festival 2017

Showzam! is the February Festival in Blackpool - make a date for 2017!

Showzam! is back for 2017

11-14 February 2017

Showzam! is back and the excitement is once again building in Blackpool ahead of the resort’s annual festival celebrating magic, variety and live performance.

Showzam! 2017

Showzam! 2017 is brought to you by VisitBlackpool and Blackpool BID, returning for its tenth outing between 11-14 February 2017.

Take a look at this short film from Showzam! 2015 - read on for this years line-up.


Showzam Central ​
Blackpool's Winter Gardens – February 11th - 14th.

Enjoy the revelry with the Headless Lady and Cleo: The Girl in the Goldfish Bowl, join circus workshops, a magic booth and a 10-in-1 show.

See the the Great Inferno blast fire high in the air, and marvel at the Girl with the Invisible Middle!

Showzam! Central is completely FREE and open each day from 10am to 4pm

Yvette, The Headless Lady she moves, she breathes, and she lives! She’s kept alive by the miracles of modern medicine. The talented Dr Van Bergh will attempt to recreate his original experiment by keeping a body alive without a head!

Yvette the headless lady at Showzam 2017

Beyond the curtain you’ll hear a splish splash! There you will find Cleo, a tiny five-inch tall girl swimming in a Goldfish Bowl in her polka dot bikini. She is a real live girl! Not a dummy, a photograph or a model, there is no film, no projection, she is alive!

Bringing back the incredible Dr Phantasma’s Sideshow, this fire-juggling, whip-cracking, ladder-balancing show packed with amazing sights, promises side splitting laughs and thrills. 

See the Fire King blast fire high in the air! 

Fire breathing show at Showzam 2017

Be amazed by Ramona the gypsy sideshow queen as she attempts to walk up a ladder of razor-sharp swords and you won’t believe your eyes when Miss Elastina twists and contorts her body around solid metal blades or Dangerous Steve as he attempts to juggle chainsaws.

New for 2017, we’re joined by Sam the Scam with his Bunko Booth that will challenge your senses - heads you lose, tails he wins. It’s all great fun and you’ll marvel at his magical skill and sleight of hand when you take up his challenges.

And if that wasn’t enough why not try your hand at juggling or plate spinning at the free circus workshops in Showzam! Central daily.

Street Performance

Make sure you don't miss street performances in various locations/time between 11-14  February. Keep checking the Showzam! website for the latest updates.

Performers include:

Spikey Will is a London born and based street performer specialising in danger with a huge element of fun, performs what is probably the world's most exciting and extreme bed of nails act! His act includes knife juggling, fire eating and breathing, unicycling, stilt walking, magic and comedy character walkabout entertainment.

Rob Roy Collins ten years of experience doing daredevil stunts including escaping from straitjackets, chains, rope and handcuffs. 

Polly Hoops specialises in circus, clowning, improvisation and physical theatre, and is a hula-hoop specialist, with a thrilling, comedic, visual and engaging act!

Felicity Footloose is a street performer who lives in the 80s and just wants to dance! Watch as she juggles, dances and performs daredevil acrobatics to try and impress her hero Jonny.

Showzam! Carnival Ball

The much-anticipated Showzam! Carnival Ball is back for 2017 with the theme of 'Mardi Gras' and a colourful programme of circus and cabaret to dazzle you as you soak up the splendour of the glorious Blackpool Tower Ballroom on the 11th of February.

Pete Anderson will be the compere for the evening, and you'll get to party with Mr Wilson's Second Liners! This rabble of mischievous Northerners are a New Orleans funeral band that plays 90s club classics. They'll raucously perform either side of a fantastic DJ set from one half of DJ duo The Broken Hearts, Amber Butchart.

In addition to fantastic musical entertainment, Pixie le Knot is one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK, and the show will feature all the amazing street performers from the festival. Tickets are on sale NOW, just £15.00.

High Jinx Magic and Illusion

During the festival, Michael Jordan's High Jinx Magic and Illusion show will appear at Viva Blackpool. Be prepared to be wowed by a mix of juggling, illusion, fire eating, magic and plate spinning!

Tickets are priced at £6.50 for children and OAPs and £8.00 for adults, with family saving options available.

Behind the Scenes Tours

The ever popular behind-the-scene tours are back for 2017 at some key heritage venues as well as the fun workshops and tours at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. 

This year’s Showzam! Festival is brought to you by VisitBlackpool and Blackpool BID.

Find out more

Showzam! 2017 website

For updates on these announcements and where to buy tickets and book places. 

Showzam! 2017


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