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SEA LIFE Blackpool

Looking for something to do? BOOK ONLINE - SEA LIFE Blackpool is Open Today! Please note you MUST book online before arrival.

Take a trip to SEA LIFE Blackpool

Discover an amazing underwater world at SEA LIFE Blackpool. It’s one of 12 SEA LIFE Centres in the UK with more than 50 dazzling displays and over 2,500 spectacular aquatic creatures. It’s been open for more than 20 years here in Blackpool.

Did you know… Starfish have no brains or blood! Their nervous system is spread throughout their arms, and their ‘blood’ is filtered sea water!

Tickets and Opening Times at SEA LIFE Blackpool

Open every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Check the SEA LIFE Blackpool website for today’s exact opening hours.

Generally 10-4pm or 10am to 5/5.30pm (changes through the year*). Please check with the operator before travelling.

*Closing times vary depending on the time of year, with earlier opening/later closing times during school holidays and Illumination weekends.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE it’s now essential to pre-book online and please note that Merlin attractions are now cashless.

Events at SEA LIFE Blackpool…

  • It’s Quiet at the Aquarium on the last hour of the day on the first Sunday of each month

…and VIP Experiences!

Tick off a bucket list moment and enhance your visit with an exclusive sea creature experience. Choose from a snorkelling experience with an array of jaw-some sharks or feed the magnificent green sea turtle, Phoenix.

Snorkel with sharks – Plunge into the magnificent ocean display and come face to fin with a variety of sharks. From black tips to zebra sharks, you’ll be amazed during this snorkelling experience.

Feed Phoenix the green sea turtle at Sea Life Blackpool

Feed the green sea turtle – Phoenix is Blackpool’s hungriest resident! Get up close and learn all about her nutritious diet and natural habitat from one of our trained aquarists.

Enjoy your visit to SEA LIFE Blackpool

Step beneath the waves and get closer than ever before to the creatures and features of the world’s oceans. Journey from the coast and sandy shallows of the great British shoreline to the equatorial rainforest of the Amazon and into the tropical depths of the ocean.

Meet sharks, turtles, rays, octopus, jellyfish and clownfish, plus many more amazing creatures! SEA LIFE Blackpool is a perfect way to experience the wonders of underwater life – without any need to get wet!

Explore the Aquarium Zones

Prepare for a world of glittering scales, humongous tentacles and razor-sharp teeth. Get ready to come face-to-fin with some of the strangest most wonderful creatures you’ll ever meet…


Start your visit by venturing into our Rock Pools where you will see native creatures such as a range of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and other creatures, as well as seaweed, sponges, urchins and anemones.

Atlantic Depths

You’ll continue your journey of discovery as you explore the native shorelines of the North West. Take a look into what inhabits our oceans waters, coming close to creatures such as Place, Lobster and meet our Common Octopus, a very intelligent relative of the Snail!


Want to take a stroll down a Quayside?… we have the perfect place! Our Quayside area displays some ocean giants such as Pollock, Brill and Dogfish.

Stingray Adventure

Immerse yourself in the mysterious and graceful world of the stingrays. Meet the beautiful Honeycomb Whiptail Rays, Cownose Rays, Blue Spotted Stingrays and baby Sharks as you explore the tropical reef through underwater tunnels. Be careful not to get wet though, as you venture through their underwater world! A close-up and memorable experience you will not want to miss.

Kingdom of the Seahorse

SEA LIFE Blackpool is incredibly proud of its success breeding many types of endangered Seahorses. You can see them all along with Lionfish, Unicorn Fish, Clownfish and Regal Tangs in Seahorse Kingdom.

Submarine Explorer

Take a submarine ride to the depths of the ocean to see some of the deeps beautiful creatures. UFO-like Jellyfish, Puffa Fish, Eels and Tangs are just some of the amazing discoveries you will make in this area.

Rainforest Adventure

Enter a leafy jungle filled with an exciting walk through – but beware, not all the creatures here are friendly! In the depths of the rainforest, you will meet Turtles, Piranhas and Poison Dart Frogs.

Ocean Tunnel

The spectacular walk-through ocean tunnel is a great way to experience life under the sea.

Four Corners of the World

Four Corners of the World explores four different sets, all created around man made wrecks taken over by marine life. There’s famous landmarks such as the Terracotta Warriors, recreated in underwater worlds from Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Making the underwater landmarks for Four Corners of the World at SEA LIFE Blackpool
Making the underwater landmarks for Four Corners of the World at SEA LIFE Blackpool

You can also find out about the many local wrecks off the Fylde Coast. Such as Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Foudroyant, which famously ran aground to be wrecked off North Pier in a hurricane-force storm in 1897.

Amazing creatures include: Leopard eels, Dwarf fuzzy lionfish, Brittle stars, Spider crabs and Flashlight fish. Plus Mandarin fish who were voted the most beautiful fish in the world, plus many more.

More About SEA LIFE Blackpool

With an exciting tank and tunnel experience, SEA LIFE Blackpool really is the best place to get up close and personal with the creatures of our amazing rivers and oceans.

From the bustle of central promenade at Blackpool, climb the stairs to enter a watery world where over 2,500 creatures large and small swim and live in more than 50 tanks of all shapes and sizes. They’re all created to give you the best possible view into their world.

Walk underneath the huge display with great big fish and sharks that you can see from all angles. Look down on the Rays as they come to investigate you! SEA LIFE has spent years perfecting an experience that you feel part of. Get as close as you can – without getting wet!

Rays at SEA LIFE Blackpool
Rays at SEA LIFE Blackpool

The species that you’ll see are all ones which will flourish when kept in aquariums. Many are on the endangered list. They might have been rescued so can’t be released into the wild. Or they’ve been born and bred as part of our conservation projects. They’re expertly looked after in crystal clear water with all the best equipment. It’s a great and protected environment for these animals. And it gives you a feeling for the wide diversity of life in our seas and how to protect it.


SEA LIFE has a commitment to our oceans, both to the creatures in the water and the ones that live above the surface.

They’ve developed best-practice animal husbandry to look after the aquarium exhibits in the best possible way, drawing on decades of collective experience of their marine biologists. SEA LIFE Trust is their partner charity, protecting the world’s oceans.

SEA LIFE supports many campaigns to protect marine life. You can find out more on the SEA LIFE website.

…& Learning

SEA LIFE Blackpool, together with Girl Guiding North West England is pioneering a new Sea Savers badge. The hope is it will be rolled out nationally, to inspire members aged four to 18-years-old to protect the oceans and sea creatures that live within them.

New Sea Savers Girl Guides badge, launched at SEA LIFE Blackpool
SeaLife Girlguides beach clean and badge presentation. Picture date: Thursday March 21, 2024. Photo credit should read: Anthony Devlin

A group of Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers from Lancashire West County successfully completed the challenge pack at SEA LIFE Blackpool. They became the first members to be awarded the new badge, presented to them by Kyle Woodcock, Head of Operations.

The pack offers the opportunity to learn more about marine conservation. It covers three engaging themes and six challenges – what’s in the ocean and plant life, eco systems and food chains, and looking after our oceans. By completing two activities from each theme, members can earn the new Sea Savers badge.

Blackpool Beach Cleans

An estimated 26 million tons of plastic pollution ends up in the oceans each year where it chokes, entangles and poisons marine life. It kills millions of marine creatures each year. Plastic bags, disposable cutlery, old phone covers, drink bottles, batteries… you name it, it’s found on our beaches! And unfortunately, it all poses a big threat to our marine creatures, whether it stays in our rivers or gets washed into the ocean.

How do I join a Blackpool beach clean?

 Join in one day (dates below) and feel great too! Forthcoming 2024 dates for beach cleans in Blackpool are below. Please email: to secure your space

  • Saturday 15th June – 1pm
  • Sunday 14th July – 1pm
  • Tuesday 30th July – 1pm
  • Monday 12th August – 1pm
  • Sunday 25th August – 11am
  • Saturday 14th September – 1pm
  • Sunday 13th October – 1pm

Please note that places are limited and confirmation of places will be returned via email. Each session ends with a fun and informal talk about the shoreline within the SEA LIFE centre.

Venue Hire and Parties at SEA LIFE Blackpool

If you enjoy the beach and the sea and love all things fishy, why don’t you have your next special event at SEA LIFE Blackpool?

Sleepovers and parties, conferences and banqueting. You can even get married at Sea Life Blackpool!

All the information about Venue Hire here

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