Blackpool Armed Forces Week

Blackpool Armed Forces Week

Both veterans and serving military personnel are celebrated during Blackpool Armed Forces Week with a wide range of activities and events.

Blackpool Armed Forces Week takes place from 22-28 June 2020

Armed Forces Week is Blackpool’s opportunity to say thank you to our heroes. It’s back in 2020 with an amazing lineup of events and entertainment to honour the nation’s military personnel.

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The annual celebration has been running in Blackpool since 2006 and is now a permanent fixture in the resort’s events calendar.

Blackpool Armed Forces Day - Photo: Warren Fletcher
Blackpool Armed Forces Day. Photo: Warren Fletcher

The resort unites in welcoming serving military personnel, veterans and cadets, with a wide range of activities targeted at them and their families as well as the many thousands of people visiting the resort.

Blackpool’s Armed Forces Week is back with an uplifting programme of events and entertainment to honour the nation’s military personnel of the past, present and future.

What’s on During Blackpool Armed Forces Week 2020

Armed Forces Week Flag Raising Ceremony

Blackpool Armed Forces Week officially begins with the raising of the Armed Forces Day Flag above the Town Hall.  Free to attend so please come and join us.

Other events around Blackpool

Watch this space as details are announced for other events taking place in the resort.

…and so the week ends…

The week ends with Blackpool Taxi Pull at the Cenotaph on the Promenade near North Pier.  The event sees local cabbies show off their strength to raise money for Armed Forces charities.  Following this a barbeque will be held at the Guards Club for serving personnel and veterans of the Fylde Coast post service and parade. Admission to the Guards Club is free, with 50% discount on food for all uniformed regular service personnel.

Councillor Simon Blackburn, Leader of Blackpool Council, said: “Armed Forces Week is back for 2019 for another week-long of activities and events to celebrate our Armed Forces past, present and future.

“We invite visitors and residents alike to join in the celebrations for this annual event which gets bigger and better each year.”

While you’re here…

Have a look at the homepage of the Live Blackpool website for more of the latest updates.

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    D Day

    On 6th of June 1944
    In the early hours so they say,
    156,000 troops
    Assembled on beach that day.

    Nine allied Nations gathered
    To fight to liberate,
    Europe from Hitler’s Germany
    But thousands met their fate.

    From up there on the clifftops
    German troops were waiting,
    To rain hell fire on Allied troops
    There was no debating.

    23,000 paratroopers
    Over 7,000 ships too,
    This was “Operation Overlord”
    This information all true.

    By Daylight Allied forces
    Were in control it’s said,
    Nearly 10,000 casualties
    And over 4,000 dead.

    Within the next five days
    Allies brought some more,
    326,000 troops
    Landed on Normandy shore.

    54,000 vehicles
    From Nine allied Nations,
    104,000 tons of supplies
    For these military operations.

    Remember these brave souls every year
    On 6th of June okay,
    Because of them we’re all free
    Liberation was D Day.

    William Mckechnie

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