Blackpool Illuminations & Switch On. Photo: VisitBlackpool

Blackpool Illuminations & Switch On 2022!

The 2022 Blackpool Illuminations will shine again throughout Christmas and New Year. They’ll burst into light and colour in September – remaining lit until 2 January 2023!

It’s sure to be another big and bright Christmas this year – with themed events, shows and attractions. Autumn and Winter is brilliant in Blackpool!

The Blackpool Illuminations Switch On

It’s THE Friday evening in summer, traditionally at the end of the Bank Holiday week. It’s the night when the famous switch is flicked to turn on the world famous Blackpool Illuminations!

Blackpool Illuminations Switch On 2022 2 September 2022

The Switch On event was first held in Talbot Square outside the Town Hall. Then it moved to Central Car Park. When the new promenade was built, Switch On moved to Tower Festival Headland.

During Covid everything changed and the event moved indoors into the Tower Ballroom. Now streamed live online in association with MTV, the Ballroom is the new home for the event.

Much more about this years Blackpool Illuminations Switch On…

Live Blackpool is part of Visit Fylde Coast, which also includes our very own website all about the Blackpool Illuminations.

There’s much more about Switch On here on our own Blackpool Illuminations website.

  • Find out about this year’s Switch On event
  • Which celebrity will flick the switch this year?
  • Check what time the lights come on and go off each day
  • Get all the latest updates – and there’s lots of great photos to see too.

Visit Blackpool (the official tourism department of Blackpool Council) is the organiser of this event.

More about the Blackpool Illuminations is our website about the Lights from Visit Fylde Coast. Why don’t you hop across there and find out more? website from Visit Fylde Coast

8 good reasons to visit the Blackpool Illuminations website from Visit Fylde Coast

Apart from lots of great photos, videos, news and all kinds of interesting things!

1. Blackpool Illuminations Switch On

It’s the biggest event in the Blackpool year – it’s Illuminations Switch On night! It’s always the Friday at the end of August Bank Holiday week, and it heralds the beginning of the busiest weeks of the year.

Each year there’s a spectacular show, which ends with a celebrity flicking the famous switch and turning the Blackpool Illuminations on.

2. What time the Illuminations come on each day

Once they’re on, the next thing you’ll want to know is what time do the Lights come on in the evening that you are there? The lighting up times change as the nights get darker earlier and late summer turns into autumn.

3. Find out more about the Lights

The Blackpool Illuminations cover a huge area of promenade. There are tableaux, festoons, over the road displays and much more. Explore all this and more – like where they are actually made – in all about The Lights

Plus of course the amazing LightPool Festival and the digital projection shows on the front of the Blackpool Tower.

4. Things to make your visit better – like where the loos are!

Blackpool Illuminations attracts millions of visitors to the resort every year. So obviously it’s going to be busy.

It’s a good idea to be prepared when it comes to food, drinks, snacks, and where you’re going to park, and where the toilets are too! There’s loads of local information here to welcome you to the Fylde Coast. Enjoy your break without feeling stressed!

5. Illuminated Heritage Trams, and the history of how they came to be

The Illuminated Heritage Blackpool Trams are very popular – they’re certainly our favourite – but do you know how they came about?

Explore the years of the history of the Illuminated Heritage Trams.

6. History of the Blackpool Illuminations

Did you know that the origins of the Blackpool Illuminations goes back well over 100 years, as far back as the invention of electricity?

Find out more about the pioneering invention that was to shape Blackpool’s history.

7. Look at old photos

We’ve all got our favourite eras to look back fondly at. Why don’t you take a stroll down memory lane and see if you remember any of these old Blackpool Illuminations?

8. What else happens during the Illuminations?

Blackpool in the late summer and autumn is Illuminations season and the busiest time of the year. It’s when the town really comes to life, with Ride the Lights, the World Fireworks Championships, LightPool Festival at half term, and so much more!

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Blackpool Illuminations & Switch On 2022

Once again, this year the Blackpool Illuminations will be extended throughout the Festive Season. The Lights start on Friday 2 September and shine until Monday 2 January, 2023.

Blackpool Council made the decision after the first month of the 2021 extension showed exceptional growth in visitor numbers. All the key indicators, such as parking usage, were more than double the volume experienced pre-pandemic. The extension is part of a £1m Council-led investment in marketing and events to help kick-start Blackpool’s tourism recovery plans.

Although the Illuminations were extended for the first time in history in 2020, the Lights were heavily disrupted in both 2020 and 2021 by tier restrictions and Covid lockdowns.

Blackpool Illuminations. Photo: Gary Mitchell
Blackpool Illuminations. Photo: Gary Mitchell

And a Fabulous Festive Season!

Cllr Lynn Williams is Leader of Blackpool Council. She said: “During Christmas 2021, for the first time we were able to have a clear run and assess what impact the extension of the Illuminations had on months that are traditionally quieter.

“We’ve witnessed very significant activity in the first four weeks of November, all across the resort, and significantly better than our expectations. The greatly-enhanced Christmas offer complements the extended Illuminations season. Blackpool is extremely well-placed to become a year-round destination.”

Cllr Williams added: “We’ve made the decision to extend the season early, so that businesses can start to plan for next year. We know from the extensive feedback we have received to date that the investment we have made in the autumn and winter months is delivering a significant benefit.”

The Blackpool Illuminations
The Blackpool Illuminations

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6 thoughts on “Blackpool Illuminations & Switch On 2022!”

  1. Good Evening
    I am planning to come up the 19th of November for my little girls birthday, I’ve read that most thing’s close in November because season ends on the 7th of November.
    Would it be worth coming up, what will likely be open?
    Many thanks

    1. Christmas is going to be special this year in Blackpool – loads of things planned and most things open. More here:

  2. I found it the most upsetting thing when we drove for 2 hours to make it special for my sisters birthday to get to blackpool for 12am for her birthday and there were no lights on today, like seriously why were they off my 12 atleast could have been on till 1am, 2am! Whats a waste of time! So upset and ruined all her birthday! As she loves blackpool we wanted to make it special.

    1. Sorry about that, but they are turned off overnight to save electricity. The daily switch on and switch off times are widely publicised too:

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