Blackpool Airport

Blackpool Airport

Blackpool Council is looking to appoint an architectural consultant partner. Under a framework agreement they will work with the Blackpool Airport team. Initial feasibility studies will be undertaken at the airport, as part of the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone.

Blackpool Council reacquired Blackpool Airport in September 2017 via its ownership of Blackpool Airport Operations Ltd (BAOL) and Blackpool Airport Property Ltd (BAPL), to secure its long term future as part of the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone.

Work Begins on Concept Designs

Working with the airport team, the successful architect will initially be required to undertake a number of short feasibility studies and produce concept designs.

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These will examine options for the provision of new and replacement hangars and determine the best locations for new airport parking aprons. In the long term these will be required to facilitate the future development of the Enterprise Zone and the proposed relocation of the airport’s operational facilities in accordance with the Enterprise Zone Masterplan.

The initial phase of study and design work will build on the master-planning work previously undertaken by Mott McDonald and York Aviation in 2018. There may be additional work as and when required, as part of a framework agreement.

The contract start date is expected to start 1st December 2019 and the feasibility studies and concept design (worked up to RIBA Stage 2) is required by 31st March 2020.

Towards Next Generation Development

Cllr Gillian Campbell, Deputy Leader of Blackpool Council and Chair of Blackpool Airport said, “The appointment of an architectural consultancy will be a significant step closer towards seeing next generation development on site.

“The studies will help to inform the airport team in decision making and prioritisation of potential future investment at the airport.

“The airport is in urgent need of regeneration and it is important that we get it right from the outset. It’s important that existing businesses on the airport are supported whilst improving and building a strong and sustainable future in aviation. We are securing long term, skilled jobs for the local community.”

Tender Details

Full details of the Tender can be found on:

Blackpool Council buys back Blackpool Airport site

  • £4.25m deal buys the airport site back for the council
  • Blackpool Council had previously sold the site for £13m in 2004
  • Council Leader Simon Blackburn calls it a “positive new dawn” for the airport site

Blackpool Council completed the purchase of the Blackpool Airport site on 13.9.17, bringing the company back into full public ownership for the first time in 13 years.

Road signs directing the way to Blackpool Airport
Road signs directing the way to Blackpool Airport

The council was previously a 5% shareholder and signed a £4.25m deal with previous owners Balfour Beatty. This enables them to fully take over the operating company Regional and City Airports (Blackpool) Holdings Ltd.

The purchase will be funded through a mixture of prudential borrowing and future sales of identified land within the enterprise zone to new businesses.

A full business case exploring the potential future for the airport is being developed in accordance with a strategic masterplan for the Enterprise Zone and airport.

100% Ownership

The Council has acquired all shares in Regional and City Airports (Blackpool) Holdings Ltd and takes over 100% ownership of the airport site.

Cllr Simon Blackburn, Leader of Blackpool Council, said: “It’s a really important day for aviation on the Fylde coast and this sale heralds a positive new dawn for Blackpool Airport.

“This move will protect the airport as a company, including the 30 jobs that are currently available there. It will also allow us to ensure that the airport itself can continue to operate as an important hub that can benefit the whole region.

“Blackpool Airport is such a key part of having a strong local economy and it is absolutely vital that we safeguard its future and ensure that it can continue to be used as an aviation and employment hub for the Fylde coast for the long term.

Safeguarding Commercial Activities

“We do not envisage the return of large scale passenger planes to the airport. The purpose of this acquisition is to safeguard the helicopter and other commercial airside activities that take place. We can then build upon them and deliver our overall objective of creating up to 5,000 jobs on the Enterprise Zone site.

“Blackpool Airport is the largest area of land in our thriving Enterprise Zone. This purchase will help us ensure that the airport continues to play a big part in making our Enterprise Zone one of the most successful in the country.

“As the current company stands, Blackpool Airport is profitable. As such we can be confident that the money for the purchase can be repaid.

Support and Grow

“As a minority stakeholder, we have always retained an interest in the company continuing as an airport and serving the whole of the Fylde coast. Now as the sole owner, Blackpool residents can feel confident that we have the airport’s best interest at heart. We will aim to support and grow the airport where possible.

“People can be confident that we will retain the current operating staff. We will also explore opportunities for private companies with aviation interests to invest so that it can grow in the future. But this is not about trying to bring jumbo jets back to the airport anytime soon.”

Blackpool Airport in the Past

This airport was one of Britain’s first aviation sites.

Blackpool Council last owned the airport in 2004. It was sold to City Hopper Airports for a total of £13m. Then it was sold on to Balfour Beatty in 2008.

The airport was placed into administration in 2014, closing temporarily before reopening with reduced capacity.

In early 2016 the terminal buildings were demolished, and are now the site of the Lancashire Energy College.

Blackpool Airport Terminal building, demolished in 2016
Blackpool Airport Terminal building, demolished in 2016

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    It is vital that Blackpool Airport continues as a normal airport for the local community , Manchester ,Liverpool airports are too far to travel for some citizens when they have to be at the airport very early in the morning and travelling time can be a nightmare ,whereas Blackpool is local, friendly , local people in charge – it can be the best

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