One of the lakes at North Blackpool Pond Trail

North Blackpool Pond Trail

North Blackpool Pond Trail aims to protect the wildlife of a green corridor in North Blackpool, and to make the area accessible by all.

It brings together a network of 21 ponds, a lake, a reedbed, flowering dyke, community orchard, woodlands and meadow grasslands.

Map of the Pond Trail

The aim is to encourage local people to get involved and to spend more time in the natural environment.

Lots of wildlife to be found at North Blackpool Pond Trail
Lots of wildlife to be found

Working Together

The conservation work has been achieved by the work of Blackpool Conservation Team (a partnership between Groundwork and Blackpool Council), which includes members of the Friends Group.

The Pond Trail started life as a Natural England project part of their ‘Access to Nature’ programme. Now they are the Friends of North Blackpool Pond Trail and continue to deliver wildlife events and activities.

This team maintains and manages the ponds and woodlands and anyone is welcome to join them. Special skills aren’t necessary and training is available – it’s a chance to do something worthwhile and make new friends.

The Friends group is always pleased to welcome new members.

Find out More

Visit their Facebook page for details of events and projects.

If you would like to volunteer, contact

Photos from North Blackpool Pond Trail

Volunteers clearing one of the ponds, firstly of willow branches that had become invasive around the pond edges, and then the typha or reedmace (what everyone calls bullrush) which spreads over all the water.

Volunteers clearing one of the ponds

Volunteers clearing typha
Volunteers clearing typha

Wild flowers are abundant on the Pond Trail, this one is known as fox-and-cubs. It’s grown from seed and volunteers have sown several native wild flower meadows.

Wildflowers at the Pond Trail, this one is fox and cubs

Children enjoy events organised throughout the year. It’s a great chance to get up close to all kinds of wildlife and wriggly things!

Children pond-dipping at North Blackpool Pond Trail
Children pond-dipping at North Blackpool Pond Trail

While you’re here…

Have a look at the homepage of the Live Blackpool website for more of the latest updates.

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  1. this was an amazing place it was lovely to see how the community was helping out it is a lovely destination everybody was so nice to me this is a 5 stars really recommend

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