Local Libraries in Blackpool

Local Libraries in Blackpool

Your local library is full of life and light, and not a speck of dust in sight, they are the hub of the local community for young and old alike.

With regular events for toddlers, teens and adults of all ages, they entertain and inform the whole community – and that’s apart from the special events that are held each month on different subjects. And everyone is welcome to everything.

There are computers to use with people to help you, cds to listen to, and groups to join. Learn how to craft, play board games and make new friends – or even, just maybe, borrow a book!

So why don’t you have a look around and see what tickles your fancy, then come along to the next event being held by your local libraries in Blackpool and join in the fun.

Blackpool libraries provide a range of services to residents and visitors:  
  • Developing reading and supporting literacy for both children and adults
  • Providing information
  • Supporting learning and creating informal pathways into learning
  • Providing safe, accessible and welcoming community spaces

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Information is available in a number of different media and formats including books, large print, newspapers and periodicals, spoken word cassettes and CDs and 24/7 online reference resources including encyclopaedias and dictionaries.  

There are 8 libraries in Blackpool including Central Library.  

Blackpool Library Service hosts a wide range of events from regular reading groups to the popular annual festival of words – Wordpool. 

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