Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

It’s the show you’ve been waiting for! Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom! It waltzed onto our screens in 2004 and was an instant favourite with millions of fans.

Your favourite show has always been the live episode from the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom. ‘Who left Strictly Blackpool’ is a frequently asked question! It’s the one show when no self respecting celebrity wants to get voted off!

It’s fabulously popular with local people and visitors alike. There’s only a slim chance to get hold of tickets for the live show, and no way of buying them. So here are some other ways to catch a bit of that Strictly glitter –

When is Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom?

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And now the news that you’ve been waiting for… Drumroll and fanfare…. the date for Strictly at Blackpool Tower Ballroom…

Strictly Come Dancing  – live from the Tower Ballroom – Saturday 16 November 2019

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Meanwhile, watch this Strictly Come Dancing Guide to the Blackpool Tower!

BBC Strictly Come Dancing Guide to The Blackpool Tower

The show is usually four weeks before the final.

So, get your snacks to hand, the sofa plumped up, the curtains closed and the heating on nice and warm. Then enjoy a great evening of entertainment, watching our very own beautiful Blackpool on the TV!

Ballroom dancing with Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Ballroom Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

How to get tickets for Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Sorry! The bad news is that you CAN’T BUY tickets for Strictly at Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Many thousands of people want to see this special show. The BBC operate an online, random draw system each year to make the allocation of tickets fair. Successful applications are drawn at random and notified by the BBC.

Registration closed 10pm on Sunday 1 September. Tickets are sent out by the BBC.


All of the BBC terms and conditions can be found at the above link.

  • You cannot buy tickets for the show…
  • We do not have tickets…
  • We do not know of any shortcuts that will help you to get tickets!

So please don’t ring us asking ‘how much are Strictly Blackpool tickets’ or ‘how to get Strictly Blackpool tickets’! It simply can’t be done in any other way than entering the BBC draw.

Dance in the Famous Ballroom

You can of course dance yourself on the sprung floor of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Maybe you can’t dance? That’s not a problem, you can watch and soak up the unique atmosphere. Why not treat yourself to afternoon tea while you watch the dancers twirl past?

Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom
Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Meet the Stars!

The other way to enjoy an authentic Strictly Blackpool experience is to meet the stars at Madame Tussauds!

Strictly Come Dancing Experience at Madame Tussauds Blackpool
Strictly Come Dancing Experience at Madame Tussauds Blackpool

At the promenade attraction you can meet presenters Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman. AND you’ve got the chance to lift a replica glitter ball trophy, bust a move on a Strictly dance floor and even raise a score paddle from behind a re-created Strictly judges’ desk.

Existing Madame Tussauds Blackpool resident, Craig Revel Horwood, joins the new figures of Tess and Claudia in this magical Strictly Come Dancing attraction. It also features three areas of activities for you to enjoy. Each provides fantastic photo opportunities and unique Strictly experiences.

Money-Can’t Buy Publicity

When Blackpool Tower Ballroom plays host to the hugely popular show, it also gives money-can’t-buy publicity to our wonderful seaside town.

In 2017 the competition attracted the highest audiences since the show began in 2004. 13.6m people tuned in to see Joe McFadden win Strictly Come Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom, beating Alexandra Burke, Debbie McGee and Gemma Atkinson.

In the ratings-busting show, scenes from the glorious Ballroom are cut with footage filmed in the resort. Each year the professional dancers and celebrities spend time out and about, enjoying the sights and the sounds.

Meanwhile, out on the streets of Blackpool, celebrity-spotters and photographers alike get into the spirit. Catching a glimpse of celebrities and a shot of one of the contestants is an annual thing! The whole Strictly experience creates a buzz in the town and an interest among everyone during the preceding week, spreading the excitement far and wide!

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Much as we love to hear from our readers, please don’t contact us here at Live Blackpool looking for tickets as we can’t tell you anything else!

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  1. Avatar

    I have applied every year but not been lucky – please please make it best Mother and daughter night out xx 😘

  2. Avatar

    Each year since strictly started we have applied for tickets, this year is our silver wedding anniversary and hubby and mine big birthdays, would be the icing on the cake for us

  3. Avatar

    love strictly go every year to see the live show in Glasgow would love to get tickets for blkpool

  4. Avatar

    My dad passed away in February this year and my mum has always wanted to go to see strictly at Blackpool as it’s her favourite program. It would have been their 67 wedding anniversary on the 17th November and i can’t think of anything better than to be able to take her to see the show at Blackpool on that date

  5. Avatar

    Watch the show every season, would love to see it live

  6. Avatar

    I seen strictly live at the echo arena. It was breathtaking the atmosphere was brilliant!
    I would love to be at blackpool ballroom this year.
    If you dont get tickets for blackpool i reccomend to pay to see the show its worth every penny its the greatest show on earth!!

  7. Avatar

    Myself and my husband have had a rough few years . We would watch strictly with my mum who had alzimers but she love the sparkale and to watch my father dance for mum great memoirs.
    My father passed and 2 weeks later so did my mum as if they were waiting for each other .
    We tried to get tickets many times but had no luck I know there is lots more people who deserve this more but would be delighted for my husband and myself to have a lovely break.
    And we have strictly in are blood. X

    1. Avatar

      Would love to go see the show live I never miss an episode

  8. Avatar

    Would love to be chosen to attend strictly come dancing it would bring back lots of happy memories from when my uncle worked at the tower.

  9. Avatar

    We watch strictly every year and never know how to get tickets. Would love to get some

  10. Avatar

    My wife of 44 years has watched the show from the beginning on tv,she would love to see it live at blackpool

  11. Avatar

    I. Bin. Tryin. 3. Yrs. to. Buy. Tickets. No. Luck. I. Lv. To. C. This

    1. Avatar

      Would love to see Strictly at the home of ballroom in Blackpool. Seen them on tour in Manchester.

  12. Avatar

    Would love tickets for Blackpool’s Strictly Come Dancing, after being diagnosed with cancer this is on my bucket list.

  13. Avatar

    I would love to be considered for any late cancellation tickets for the show. Also I never knew the tickets went to ballot , could I have a reminder for next year please . Next year is my 40th wedding anniversary and a big birthday celebration for me (60th) .
    Thank you

  14. Avatar

    I would love ticket for blackpool tower ballroom 2017 thankyou

  15. Avatar

    I would like to buy tickets for the live show in blackpool ballroom next year 2019 how can I do this please let me know.


  16. Avatar

    Please give me a ticket I was born in Fleetwood 1950 and I am so proud of Blackpool

  17. Avatar

    I cannot think of a better way to surprise my partner with this early Xmas present, plus a couple of nights away in Blackpool. They’ve never been, I did as a child!!

    1. Avatar

      Details will be made available when the BBC open the draw this year.

  18. Avatar

    Simply love Strictly come dancing am 70 years old feel its my last chance to see. It live went to the ballroom today was in 7th heaven.
    Just grateful I can watch it on television.
    Praying for the opportunity.
    God bless .
    Catherine good luck everyone.😀🙏

  19. Avatar

    I have tried every year but had no luck maybe this year will be my year you mever know 🤞🤞xx

  20. Avatar

    Just 2 golden Oldies 1 of us has just had her 70 th birthday and I just love to b a big part of a very special show

  21. Avatar

    Why is it only open to over 14 year olds, my granddaughter would love to go as she always watches the show on t.v.
    Doesn’t seem fair really, when it’s on prime time evening tv slot.

  22. Avatar

    Always watch strictly and love it would love a chance to watch it live and i bet the atmosphere is electric gives me goose bumps ….

  23. Avatar

    Would love to win tickets so I can take my mum. It would be great timing for her hip to have healed having just had a hip replacement. She is a fan and has been to watch the tour.

  24. Avatar

    It would be a long awaited dream come true to be in the audience of strictly come dancing in Blackpool ballroom .
    Myself and my husband have watched every series, and love the fact ,that Blackpool .has been involved with the show, , all the dancers themselves get excited to dance in the ballroom. So well done Blackpool, keeping the ballroom heritage going .

  25. Avatar

    Just love strictly , and would love to see it live.

  26. Avatar

    Love love love strictly x
    It would make my day to see it live

  27. Avatar

    Would love to see Strictly live. It would make me so happy. Watch it every year, can’t express how it would feel, one off my bucket list. Fingers crossed

  28. Avatar

    Loved the show from the beginning used to sit with son in is room now he has is own home I have got my husband to wotch he loves it just as much as me we try and pick from day won who will win and I must say we don’t do to bad got it right last year keeping my fingers crossed

  29. Avatar

    Wow would be amazing to “Win” this fantastic prize to see Strictly. Been many years ago to Manchester and Liverpool to see them on Tour. This would be absolutely fabulous to boost my recovery from a full Knee replacement. 🤞🤞🤞

  30. Avatar

    Would love to come and see the show , we are all the way up in Aberdeen and would enjoy come down to see such a fabulous show

  31. Avatar

    Hi all
    I would like to know how you enter to get tickets for the strictly come dancing show at blackpool tower as my daughter is wanting to go see it as this is her favour show and watches very week when . Thanks

  32. Avatar

    Would love you to keep me and my wife in mind if a vacancy comes up as it will be our 25th wedding anaversary and she dosent know I’ve text this but would be over the moon if you could fix this xxxxxxxxxx

  33. Avatar

    Would love to attend with my daughter I’ve battled breast cancer twice I’m a nurse and have looked after lots o& patients with this but when it happens to you ! then last Oct husband who’s a paramedic suffered a stroke whilst attending a patient his worst nightmare he’s doing ok but it’s affected his eyes could do with a treat that’s all not money just a nice night out

  34. Avatar

    My friend and l would be delighted to have tickets for Blackpool strictly come dancing, fingers crossed.

  35. Avatar

    My husband and myself loved watching Strictly on a Saturday evening. I lost him to Cancer 3rd January was very quick I would love to come and see it live with my Daughter. And I know Geoff will be right there with us

  36. Avatar

    I really would like to do a surprise for my mum she watches strickly all the time every Saturday and I was wondering where do you get tickets from? Please

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