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The Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower. The Blackpool Resort Ambassador Academy will provide opportunity for unemployed young people and create a warm welcome to the resort.

Enjoy the Magic of The Blackpool Tower!

It’s the Fylde Coasts favourite attraction! The Blackpool Tower Eye is open again following coronavirus restrictions.

There’s a variety of passes available for the Blackpool Tower depending on what you want to see and how long you want to stay. All the ticket details are here. PLUS come along to enjoy the Fifth Floor! Details below…

The Blackpool Tower Reopens!

On 4 July, The Blackpool Tower opened its doors again, following coronavirus restrictions.

Capacity is limited and ALL guests MUST book online in advance.
Head to the tickets page for booking links.
Don’t forget – The Blackpool Tower is now cashless.


Take a look around the exterior of this fabulous attraction in this short video –

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Experience The Blackpool Tower Ballroom in true style. It’s known and celebrated throughout the world for both its stunning architecture and fantastic dance floor, making it the perfect place for Afternoon Tea.


You can dance the day away to the sounds of the famous Wurlitzer organ amidst this stunning setting, or watch from the side lines as you enjoy a delicious afternoon tea in Blackpool. Whether you want to glide around the dance floor, relax at your table or spectate from up on the balconies, it’s an experience you will never forget.

The iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom finally opened, more than 15 months after it was forced to close due to the pandemic. And the much-loved ballroom has undergone a massive £1.1M refurbishment, to make it really sparkle!

A team of highly skilled craftsmen have spent more than 21,000 hours over a period of six months, restoring the famous venue to its original glory. It’s the most extensive programme of work and deep clean for more than 60 years.

It was funded with a lifeline grant of £764,000 from the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund. Plus further funding from Blackpool Council to make up the total £1.1M.

The Blackpool Tower Circus

The Blackpool Tower Circus has performed uninterrupted for 125 years and through two world wars – until now!

Blackpool Tower Circus was CLOSED throughout the early part of 2020 because of coronavirus. But it’s back!

Clowning around at The Blackpool Tower Circus
Clowning around at The Blackpool Tower Circus, back in the day

The clowns were busy rehearsing at home and Mooky & Mr Boo are delighted to be back performing for you all!

Mooky the Clown and Mr Boo.  The Blackpool Tower Circus
Mooky the Clown and Mr Boo. The Blackpool Tower Circus

The Blackpool Tower Eye

Take a trip 380ft into the sky to the top of The Blackpool Tower Eye and experience the thrilling SkyWalk. Take in the best views across the North West of England from the top of the iconic Tower.

Open daily – subject to weather conditions.


Celebrate 125 years of magical memories with a trip UP The Blackpool Tower!

The Blackpool Tower Eye and glass Sky Walk offer stunning panoramic views across the North West from the very top of the iconic Blackpool Tower.

Start your journey to the sky with a stop at their incredible 4D cinema. The multi-sensory special effects and incredible filming techniques bring the history of The Blackpool Tower to life. It’s a thrill for kids and adults alike!

Then take the trip a whopping 380ft to the top of The Blackpool Tower and experience the awesome Sky Walk.

Dare you walk on the glass?

Stride out if you dare onto the thick safety glass viewing platform, where you can look out over the sparkling Irish Sea and see the famous Blackpool Promenade spread out below you. Way below you! You can also stop by Bar380 for some refreshments in truly elevated style, whilst you drink in the spectacular views.

From the top of the iconic Blackpool Tower you can see the North West of England laid before you with clear day views over Bowland, up to the Lake District, down to Liverpool and even across to the Isle of Man!

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Step back into the darkest of times and experience live actors, thrilling rides and exciting special effects. It’s a thrilling and fun adventure that will leave your family screaming for more!


Scary true stories, ‘orrible actors and a thrilling ride as you explore 1,000 years of Lancashire’s history. A uniquely thrilling attraction that will whisk you way back to the town’s most perilous past. See, hear, feel and (ahem) smell the chillingly amusing characters of the ‘bad old days’ as they come to life before you. Will you lose yourself in fear or in mirth? Whichever way, it’s not looking good for your underwear…

We were lucky enough to go to the opening of the Dungeon. Here’s our video of what you can expect –

A mix of fun and fear…

Experience a full cast of brilliant actors in ten shows backed with laughs and frights. You’ll pass through Lytham Priory, meet the Doctor and be judged in an unfair court. See and feel the effects of the plague, visit the torture chamber in Lancaster Castle, and meet the Vikings.

Plus a whole host of authentic sets, amazing special effects and an exciting drop ride. Together they make The Blackpool Tower Dungeon the best attraction for those who like a mix of fun and fear.

  • You MUST BOOK HERE for the Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

Dino Golf

Travel back in time and roar like a Dinosaur at The Blackpool Tower’s Dino Mini Golf attraction.

Play Dino Golf at Blackpool Tower
Play Dino Golf

Join us for 9 holes of prehistoric fun for a truly Dino-Mite day out! Get in touch with our team to book in your ROAR-SOME adventure! Great for team building or for some just great old fashioned fun!

The Fifth Floor

It’s a TOTALLY FREE venue for families featuring the very BEST in family entertainment!

The Fifth Floor is CLOSED until further notice. Sorry!

The Fifth Floor at the Blackpool Tower
The Fifth Floor at the Blackpool Tower

It’s in the space right under the legs of the famous Blackpool Tower – in fact you can SEE the legs in the roof space! Formerly Jungle Jim’s it was refitted and reshaped during the summer of 2019. It’s now this multi-use, themed entertainment and event space.

The Blackpool Tower Celebrates 125 Glorious Years!

2019 marked the 125th anniversary of the opening of The Blackpool Tower. Find out more about the beginnings and the history of this amazing building here.


Did you know? 25 facts for 125 years!

With 125 years of history crammed inside, there’s plenty of things you might not know about Blackpool’s favourite landmark…

  • Old attractions at The Tower include an aviary, aquarium and menagerie.
  • It used to take the maintenance team approximately seven years to paint the building from top to bottom. Now it’s a much quicker process.
  • When it first opened entry was sixpence! Now it’s free to enter and explore!
  • There’s a post box located in The Blackpool Tower Eye making it one of the highest post boxes in the country.
  • The Blackpool Tower has struggled to find someone brave enough to clean the windows 380ft in the air. But today, in its 125th year – it has finally found someone brave enough!

Famous Faces

  • The Blackpool Tower sparked the resort’s reputation as a seaside holiday destination. Over 3,000 people lined the promenade on its opening day in 1894 to see the impressive views.
  • Famous faces who have visited include Hollywood director Tim Burton, Princess Diana, Take That and even King Kong himself who was seen swinging from The Blackpool Tower in 1984.
  • The Ballroom has hosted Strictly Come Dancing’s Blackpool Special nine times. Celebrities such as Stacey Dooley, Alexandra Burke, Ed Balls and Ore Oduba have all graced the famous dancefloor.
  • Don’t be scared to jump up and down on the glass skywalk found at the top of The Blackpool Tower Eye, it can hold the weight of two elephants!
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited in March 2019 and were seen admiring the dancing in the Ballroom.

Never Miss a Season!

  • Up to coronavirus in 2020, The Blackpool Tower has never missed a circus season in 125 years, even during the two World Wars! That’s well over 45,000 shows which equates to more than 10 years of performing back to back.
  • It generated its own electricity until 1924.
  • It has featured in major Hollywood films from Oscar-nominated film Phantom Thread and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.
  • The Tower Circus searches for its acts from all over the world. Many different nationalities appear including Hungarian, Argentinian, Cuban and Mexican acts.
  • Up until 1990, the Circus show featured animals including lions, polar bears, tigers and elephants.

Crowning Jewel

  • The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is one of only a handful of Dungeon attractions found in the world. Other Dungeons can be found in London, Shanghai, Amsterdam and San Francisco.
  • The Tower is the crowning jewel in the resort’s illuminations period (August – November). Every year, a team of engineers scale the building to check and replace the 25,000 light bulbs that illuminate it at night.
  • The Tower Circus is one of only four circuses in the world to have a water feature finale. The incredible spectacle sees the arena under the circus ring fill with over 42,000 gallons of water in less than one minute.
  • In 1985, an escapologist married his wife in a steel cage, suspended on high!
  • The Tower was one of three buildings in the UK, inspired by the Eiffel Tower. It’s the only one still standing.

It’s very own pub

  • It has its own Red Lion pub, opened in 2018 by ‘The Red Lioness’. This pub fanatic has visited over 650 Red Lions in the UK.
  • It cost almost £300,000 (the equivalent of over £40 million in 2019) to build The Tower.
  • Phil Kelsall MBE, the resident organist, is now the Tower’s longest serving organist at more than 42 years, eclipsing Reginald Dixon’s record which he held between 1930 – 1970.
  • Peter Kay’s filmed ‘Live At The Top of The Tower’ in the Circus ring. It’s the performance that gained him mainstream media attention and helped set him on his career to stardom.
  • Charlie Cairoli, one of the most recognisable names in the circus industry, was the resident clown at the Circus between 1939 – 1979.

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