Our Old Blackpool Photos - archives from Visit Fylde Coast

Old Blackpool Photos

Blackpool is part of everyone’s past. Have a look at our old Blackpool photos that we’ve had tucked away in the Visit Fylde Coast archives.

Come on a trip down memory lane through the streets of bygone Blackpool… They’re our own photos, just shared in random order.

Old Blackpool Photos – the town centre

Remember when Marks and Spencer used to be opposite the rear of Coral Island? And when Blackpool had a C&A? It’s TK Maxx now, of course, and M&S is on Church Street. How Blackpool town centre has changed.

Look at the old bus too! This is a very young Chrissie Blogger, with Petra, her first dog.

The old Marks and Spencer and C&A in Blackpool town centre
The old Marks and Spencer and C&A in Blackpool town centre

Busy Town Centre Streets

This is Bank Hey Street from Waterstone’s end. See the entrance to The Blackpool Tower. It says ‘Tower World’ on the sign. And Lewis’s in the back of shot, later to become Poundland. Do you remember the amazing, enormous Lego displays in the window of Lewis’s?

Lewis's at Bank Hey Street Blackpool
Lewis’s at Bank Hey Street Blackpool

Another one taken from the top of the Tower, this time looking towards the Winter Gardens. Notice the tangle of buildings between the bottom of the photo and the white Winter Gardens building. Most of them were removed to make way for the Houndshill Shopping Centre.

View of the Houndshill Blackpool site from the top of the Tower, before the first shopping centre was built.
View of the Houndshill Blackpool site from the top of the Tower, before the first shopping centre was built.

Lost to a Fire

The rotunda of Yates Wine Lodge at Talbot Square, lost in a tragic fire – and the pet shop with it.

Yates Wine Lodge at Clifton Street, Blackpool
Yates Wine Lodge at Clifton Street, Blackpool

When she saw this photo, Valerie Thompson told us on Facebook:

“I was just speaking about Yates Wine Lodge the other day ! We (my parents and sister) were on holiday in Blackpool when the Conservatives were holding their Party Conference there. I actually bumped into Margaret Thatcher, this was before she was PM though. Anyway, I believe Yates Wine Lodge was the only pub that sold champagne on tap, and my mum wanted to try it, unfortunately she had broken her ankle after falling off my sister’s platform sandals!! So she had to hobble in there with her leg in plaster. It was full of people from the party conference, but she said that they could not have been nicer, and of course the staff making sure she had a seat and so on. My mum passed away in 2016, seeing this brought back a lovely memory x”

The Beach in Old Blackpool Photos

Next is the beach at Blackpool South Shore, where Waterloo Headland is now. That’s South Pier before it became an amusement pier. Look how small the sea wall is compared to the new one. Can you remember the old cobbles that were set into the concrete wall?

Blackpool South beach and pier in the 1980s
Blackpool South beach and pier in the 1980s

Sitting on the beach for the day seems to have gone out of fashion, which is a shame. It was certainly something that appealed to children, the beach was always full of kids buildings sandcastles and playing games.

When we arrived on the sands we always set up camp by putting the windshields around the deckchair and building a wall of sand in front of us. It was our demarcation line and the only way you could make sure you didn’t get another family sat practically on your knee – the beach was always so busy!

Busy Blackpool beach in the 1970s
Busy Blackpool beach in the 1970s

Busy days on the beach

This looks like an average day in the 1970’s on Blackpool beach. We’d all pitch our deckchairs for the day and the little caravans provided drinks, snacks and ice cream. It was a troop back to the promenade to visit the old Victorian public toilets with wood panelling and green tiled closets. That was in the days when you literally could spend a penny!

See the tea van on a busy beach in our old Blackpool photos
See the tea van on a busy beach in our old Blackpool photos

Blackpool beach on a busy day in summer, taken from North Pier. The little caravans sold drinks and ice cream and the vendors used to tow then down to the sands every day. Some of these vans sold the most delicious homemade ice cream.

Blackpool beach
Blackpool beach

Punch and Judy

The beach was an entertaining place in those days. Especially when Punch and Judy arrived! Crowds of kids (and adults) gathered around, to watch him beat his wife! That’s me in the red swimming costume, stood at the back!

Watching Punch and Judy on Blackpool beach
Watching Punch and Judy on Blackpool beach

The next photo is from the 70’s era too. Look at the old sea wall.

Blackpool Central beach
Blackpool Central beach

Travel from the beach

In the days before ‘health and safety’ boat trips were popular, sailing from Blackpool beach. This is another old Blackpool photo from the 1970’s.

Boat trips from Blackpool Beach in the 1970s
Boat trips from Blackpool Beach in the 1970s

Can you remember when you could get a hovercraft ride on Blackpool beach, near to North Pier? Do you know where the rides went to? Pop a comment below if you do.

Hovercraft rides on the beach - captured in our old photos of Blackpool
Hovercraft rides on the beach – captured in our old photos of Blackpool

I don’t know why, but this particular year there were a number of hot air balloon flights taking off from the beach at Blackpool, close to North Pier. I remember it ever so clearly, it would have been about 1975. And yes, that’s me, your editor, front of shot in the skirt, hands on hips!

Hot air balloons taking off from Blackpool beach in the 1970s
Hot air balloons taking off from Blackpool beach in the 1970s

At a glance this doesn’t look much different to today – the beach north of North Pier. But in the photo is me, my mum and our first dog, which puts this photo at about 1979/80.

Bunting and a Jetty

Can you see the string of flags/bunting down the left hand side of the Tower? Presumably that was for a big occasion. Maybe the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977? There’s a close up photo of them further down the page.

Can you also see that North Pier is longer in the photo than it is now?

Blackpool beach in 1979/80. See the flags on The Tower
Blackpool beach in 1979/80. See the flags on The Tower

It’s a miracle that all three of Blackpool’s piers are still standing after the weather they have endured for more than 100 years.

In this photo from the 1970’s you can see the fishing jetty more clearly at the end of North Pier. It was a rickety thing, and very close to the water! It was damaged by storms probably not much later than the time when this photo was taken, and had to be removed.

Blackpool North Pier with the jetty in the 1970s
Blackpool North Pier with the jetty in the 1970s

Blackpool Seafront

We’ll start the seafront photos with this very old one from our archives. It’s my grandparents, on holiday in Blackpool.

See the old Louis Tussauds (now Madame Tussauds) and the buildings to its left, which are now the SEA LIFE and Funland Amusements.

Blackpool seafront in the 1930s
Blackpool seafront in the 1930s

The old sea wall – steep and built with cobbles, and the old wooden steps against north pier. How many times did you climb up and down them?

If you stand at the seawall neat to the pier you can still see the stumps of the wooden legs which once supported the stairs. I vividly remember seeing punks sat on the steps in the 1970s. As a kid, their safety pins and mohicans fascinated me.

Old photo of Blackpool seawall, taken under North Pier
Old photo of Blackpool seawall, taken under North Pier

This is me, your editor, stroking the horse. I can’t remember the horse drawn cart at all, but I do remember the Lobster Pot. I said I couldn’t tell you where it was and asked do you know? Malcolm knew, he’s answered in comments below.

Horse drawn bus on Blackpool promenade in the 1970s
Horse drawn bus on Blackpool promenade in the 1970s

It says ‘Foxhall’ on my caption to this photo, but I can’t remember it at all. Do you? Tell us what you know in the comments.

Foxhall at Blackpool seafront and Pablos Ice cream
Foxhall at Blackpool seafront and Pablos Ice cream

Things to Do

Do you remember Blackpool Open Air Baths? They were next to South Pier – where the Sandcastle Waterpark is today. The other notable thing about this picture is just how bad the quality of old prints is!

Open air baths at South Shore Blackpool
Open air baths at South Shore Blackpool

And in these days, what we call Heritage Trams were the only trams to travel on!

Heritage Tram on Blackpool promenade
Heritage Tram on Blackpool promenade

Blackpool promenade just south of the main entrance to the Pleasure Beach – taken in the 1970’s. We asked if you knew what the scaffolding towers were for on the left? They’re near to the open air baths. Was it for filming an event? Lew has answered that question – in the comments below!

Old photos of Blackpool - promenade and open air baths at South Shore
Old photos of Blackpool – promenade and open air baths at South Shore

Views from The Tower

Here’s the view from up The Tower looking South, taken in the 1970s. The big roof at the bottom of the photo is the Sands Venue – the one that’s been completely rebuilt between 2018-20.

In the foreground of the photo you can see old filament light bulbs on the Tower. Nowadays all of the Blackpool Illuminations are lit by modern LED lamps – using a fraction of the electricity which they once did.

View of Blackpool Central site from the top of Blackpool Tower - early 1970's
View of Blackpool Central site from the top of Blackpool Tower – early 1970’s

Do you remember the fairground rides against the front? You can also see the bridge that once crossed the promenade. And look at the little boats lined up on the seafront!

Bridge over the promenade

And here’s a close up view of the area which is now mostly occupied by Coral Island. The two cream buses in the centre of the shot are where the main T junction is today.

View of Blackpool Central site from the top of Blackpool Tower - early 1970's
View of Blackpool Central site from the top of Blackpool Tower – early 1970’s

The next photo looking south along Blackpool seafront was taken from the very top of Blackpool Tower. Can you remember when you used to be able to go up there? Yuk 🙂

Old photos of Blackpool seafront, looking south from the very top of The Blackpool Tower
Old photos of Blackpool seafront, looking south from the very top of The Blackpool Tower

Here are some more views, taken over the years from the top of The Blackpool Tower.

Aerial view of Blackpool seafront, looking north from the top of the Tower
Aerial view of Blackpool seafront, looking north from the top of the Tower
Looking north from the Tower at dusk
Looking north from the Tower at dusk
Looking south from the Tower at dusk
Looking south from the Tower at dusk

Spot the Difference

Still up The Tower, at a glance this view from the top looks very similar to today. Look again and you’ll see the old promenade, complete with the deckchair stacks. (The green blocks are stacks of deckchairs covered in tarpaulin. It’s also the old two-lane main road of the promenade, and you can just see the fishing jetty at the end of North Pier.

Aerial view of the beach and North Pier from the top of the Tower. 1980's
Aerial view of the beach and North Pier from the top of the Tower. 1980’s

Slightly more recently on the seafront…

This is the old sea wall in front of the Tower in about 1990, before Tower Festival Headland was built. The cabin in the background was one of several in this area – this one was the Tourist Information Centre. You can also see the old canopy entrance on the front of Blackpool Tower.

Old photos of Blackpool - central promenade in about 1990
Old photos of Blackpool – central promenade in about 1990

How quickly you forget! The old sea wall outside the Queens Hotel at South Shore. Photo taken about 1991.

Queen's Hotel at South Shore Blackpool, about 1991
Queen’s Hotel at South Shore Blackpool, about 1991

The next photo is taken at about the same spot on South Promenade. See how shallow the drop is from the sea wall to the beach – the waves must have come over there very easily in bad weather.

In the distance is the windmill. It was a well loved landmark but was actually the sewage pumping station!

Windmill pumping station at Blackpool South Shore
Windmill pumping station at Blackpool South Shore

The Blackpool Tower

This photo is from about 1950 also taken in the cafe/zoo area in the Tower. On the left is your editors dad, auntie and grandparents. Look how they are all so smartly dressed for a day trip to Blackpool. How times change!

Animal enclosure at the top of the Tower in the 1950's
Animal enclosure at the top of the Tower in the 1950’s

This was the cafe at the top of the Blackpool Tower building, right under the legs before you went up in the lift. It’s now The Fifth Floor. This is about 1975 when there were still some small animals and birds housed there. But it was once the home of a small zoo. That’s me, your editor in red…

Roof gardens at Blackpool Tower in 1975
Roof gardens at Blackpool Tower in 1975

Jubilee Days

Remember the year when Blackpool Tower was festooned with flags? I think I’m right in saying it was 1977 for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee?

The Blackpool Tower, festooned with flags. Is it 1977?
The Blackpool Tower, festooned with flags. Is it 1977?

Blackpool Illuminations

Any idea when Blackpool Illuminations went oriental? It must have been some time in the 1970’s.

Oriental Blackpool Illuminations in the 1970s
Oriental Blackpool Illuminations in the 1970s

Here’s another one of the oriental theme on central promenade, Blackpool. Also the 1970’s, Illuminations experts will know exactly when!

The yellow square concrete shapes towards the top of the photo are above Sands Venue, Coral Island would be on your right. You can see the bridge across the promenade in this photo too.

Do you remember rickshaws on Blackpool promenade?

Oriental Blackpool Illuminations theme in the 1970s
Oriental Blackpool Illuminations theme in the 1970s

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Oh I do I remember the childrens animal farm at the Pleasure Beach. Do you? It was under the legs of the old wooden roller coasters. The bit that really sticks in my mind is the pony rides, although I think there were chickens and other small animals. It was the old children’s area with small rides, what’s now Nickelodeon Land.

Children's area in Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the 1970s
Children’s area in Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the 1970s

This is the Candy House with the sugar pink roof, right in the middle of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Next to it the giant holds up the rail of the monorail, and overhead run the cable cars.

The Candy House at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the 1970s
The Candy House at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the 1970s

Happy days

Here’s resident Visit Fylde Coast blogger Chrissie on the monorail at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Chrissie on the Monorail at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Chrissie on the Monorail at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

And here’s another one of a 1970’s Blackpool Pleasure Beach. That’s Chrissie Blogger, first dog Petra and your editor as a little girl! Who knew 🙂

Children's area at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the 1970's
Children’s area at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the 1970’s

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37 thoughts on “Old Blackpool Photos”

  1. Does anyone rember the old bowling alley that had the kids Alligator club on the Saturday with a disco after it? It was on Central Drive…..would love to know what happened to it and when, if anyone has any photos?

    I’m now 38 but I lived in South Shore and my parents owned a b and b on Withnell Road from around 1989 until 1994 we then moved to Palatine Road off of Whitegate drive, I remember spending my weekends with my school friends going into Town to spend our pocket money, hang out at HMV and Coral Island or going swimming at the Lido pool – I specifically remember that I had a job in Blackpool Tower where I worked in the circus gift shop and the music and clowns drove me mad! I begged to change and was put in jungle Jims on the refreshment stand where we would eat lots of Mr Whippy icecream and change the colour of the candy floss when nobody was looking.
    I also went to the college on Palatjne Road doing media studies and spent most of my nights in Scrooges Wine Bar, The original Tache Nightclub opposit the Ralbot road bus station and Jenx, and got a job at Pizza Hut where i got great tips and free pizza every shift! and then in my gap year before starting university we moved to Glasgow! I was gutted!

    I have so many memories of Blackpool as I spent my childhood there from The age of 5 to 19! Whenever I visit I find it all very nostalgic! The one thing I would love to see is photos from the then pin Bowling Alley if anyone went there or remembers it? I loved the disco after and eating loads of sweets and running around with my friends! I mean its probably why I so was terrible at bowling as it was always such an adventure!

  2. I moved to Blackpool in 1966, eventually going to Montgomery Secondary School, leaving in 1972. First job was at the DHSS Warbreck Hill, then moved to work at Starline Printers until 1975. By this time I was working as a club DJ along with Pete Schofield at clubs such as the Gallopers in Cleveleys and then onto the 007 & 008, both owned by Brian London. I also spent time in the upstairs “disco” at the Lemon Tree before moving to Papa Jenks. I moved from the town in 1976 to work the nightclubs in Europe along with other Blackpool names such as Ian Michael, John ‘Butty’ Stewart, Carl de-Rome & Terry Shaw.
    I visit the town from time to time and feel that although I wasn’t born there it really is my spiritual home. It may be a little rough around the edges, it’s still Blackpool !!

  3. Janet Cowie (nee Smith)

    I went to Elmslie Girls School on Whitegate Drive in Blackpool, from 1958-65, though lived in Weeton, so have lots of memories of the town. As a teenager I used to go ten-pin bowling, ice-skating, see films at the Odeon or the ABC, have occasional treats of meals at the Lobster Pot, walk down the prom to see the Illuminations (I saw Shirley Ann Field switch them on in the early 60s), various summer shows – Charlie Drake, Nina & Frederik, Billy Fury, the Bachelors. Every Saturday afternoon my friends and I went shopping to Binns, Lewis’s, Dolcis, Saxone, Vernon Humpage (just to window shop in that one as it was expensive). There was a brilliant fabric shop called Edwalds for my dress-making supplies. There was also an old-fashioned haberdashery called Sweet & Clark which had a payment system via overhead tracks to a central cash booth. When I was little the shoe shop (Dick’s?) had wild-animal seats and an ex-ray machine to see your feet in the new shoes. We got our school uniforms from Rawcliffes. In my later teens we’d go dancing at the Tower, the Winter Gardens, or the Mecca. On our last day at Elmslie a crowd of us went to the Blue Room, opposite the ABC, to toast our futures. Happy days!

  4. I was a student in Blackpool in 1971/2 I eventually married an ex student of the photography course. We lived for a time in Whitegate Road (I think) and I worked at Blackpool airport before we left in 1974. Has anyone got any memories of the college magazine “Gollum” and the amazing rag balls at the Winter Gardens. Best venue ever. I remember seeing Queen there I think it was at the Rag ball which coincided with the release of Seven Seas of Rye.
    The students dreaded the police who we felt hadn’t got as much to do when the holidaymakers went home, so we felt they harassed the students who were probably fair game. Does anyone remember Rev Alcock (not sure of the spelling) who was the vicar for the college and used to warn them about police raids.

  5. Geoffrey Fielding

    Blackpool was my childhood home, and I was glad to get away. As locals, we were treated as second class citizens during the summer months, especially in the pubs. We weren’t there to get legless, like the holidaymakers so we weren’t welcome. I remember the BellVue on Whitegate drive, al winter there was a snooker table, but during summer, the table was gone, so they could get more holidaymakers in.

    Blackpool has become a third class dump now, (I know we used to have slums, in Bonny st, and ibission road, but the rest was reasonable.)


  7. Does anyone remember the subway running under the main road ? It was just to the north of the Central Pier as I recall and came out somewhere between where the Doggy Cafe is now and the Waxworks. I remember it as a kid back in the 60’s and 70’s but not sure when it got closed. I wonder if it’s still there under the road or was it completely filled in?? Where there any toilets in there or was it just a subway??

    1. There were toilets under there. I read on Facebook a while ago that a workman had cause to go into the subway for some maintenance reason. He said it was all as it was left – and very spooky!


  8. Hi – Blackpool is my home town. I was born in 1962 and left in the 1980s. My family still live there. I really enjoyed your pictures and remembering the old buildings and layouts. When you live in such a place, you don’t always do the things that people on holiday do. For example, I didn’t go up the tower until I was 12 years old! I did go on the donkeys though when I was young. The place we visited the most was Stanley Park because it was near the estate where we lived. My brothers still live close to the park and it is lovely to see that it is still essentially the Victorian park it has always been. I have many happy memories of visiting the park with my brothers and friends when I was young. We had our photos taken near the flowerbed with the fascinating clock face and the fountain. One sad memory though is the demolition of Derby Baths. We were very sad about that. Thanks for posting the pics.

  9. During my RAF training at Kirkham December arriving thhere on the day of the fire at the tower. Used to go into Yates Wine Lodge and we would buy of that awfull VP british wine and drink it as shots along side pints of Youngers nos 2 from the Scots tartan bar opposite then of to the Winter Gardens to try our luck.

  10. I was an apprentice at Rediffusion in the 1970’s and had to attend training courses at Poulton le fylde every summer, we used to stay at various guest houses in Blackpool and travel in by bus. I remember very well the Del Rita which I think was in Pleasant Street and over the way on the corner of Lord street I stayed with the best landlady ever unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the guest house but her name was Edna and I recall she had a daughter named Anne. There is another that springs to mind Speightys? I have some very fond memories of my various trips to Blackpool.

  11. I really enjoyed these old pictures of Blackpool. Its changed so much and in many cases not for the better. Lewis’s was a fabulous shop and no trip to Blackpool was complete without a trip to the toy section of Lewis’s and the cafe on the top floor overlooking the sea. There was also another great department store which was on the street behind Lewis’s called Binns. Does anybody remember Beatties model shop at the back of the Houndshill shopping centre in the 80’s?

    1. Oh goodness yes, I remember Beatties well! And Binns. The good old days of British retail. Now things are changing again…

  12. dear jane rabbit i have found some answers to my questions i ask you this week. the first was about lewis.s store. it was on the site where the pound stretcher shop now stands near to the tower. the second was where was the golden mile centre where sealife now is it was the golden nuggett amusment also the waxworks. just over the road from the centrel pier. ps thanks for your email you are the best..

  13. The hovercraft used to do journeys to Southport at one stage as I remember my Grandmother, who lived in Southport at the time using it once to visit us in Blackpool

  14. Loved the old photos, brought back memories and loved seeing so many people enjoying themselves. I worked every summer holidays, whilst at school, in several boarding houses. Back then they would serve breakfast at 9am, full cooked three course dinner at 1pm and then tea at 5pm which would be either a salad, fish and chips etc., followed by cakes and pots of tea. There was only one toilet on each landing for at least half a dozen bedrooms and only a washbasin in the room for washing, The first thing visitors did when they arrived in Blackpool after checking into their B& B, was to go and buy tickets for the summer shows. It was a lovely era back then. Hardly any aggro on the streets, just families enjoying themselves on holiday. I am Blackpool born and bred and am proud of my heritage. Please dont let it change.

  15. Lovely to see the old pictures. Blackpool is my home town and I lived there from 1966 to 1994 when I got married and moved South. It will always be home and photos of the late 60’s 70’s and 80’s always bring back great memories.

  16. My childhood memories are all of our annual holidays in Blackpool staying at a guest house, I remember the Zoo in the Tower especially the Lions and seeing the Elephants being walked to the beach, we went to the fun fair upstairs in The Winter Gardens, but mostly because of the cost we had a donkey ride on the beach or a walk on the North Pier to watch people fishing right off the wooden rickety bit at the very end. I always bought a ball that was in one of those clear net bags and most of our time was spent trying to catch crabs with a muscle attached on the end of a piece of string at the boating lake at Uncle Toms Cabin i loved to go down in the lift. Mornings were spent in the picture house watching cartoons such as Tom and Jerry with our Dad’s to give our Mum’s some peace and time to get ready. In the evenings we went to see a show at one of the many Theatre’s I remember seeing Hilda Baker, Eric Sykes, Kathy Kirby, The Bachelors, Charlie Drake and many others. A special treat was the Pleasure beach my favourite rides were the fast horses and the log flume and although terrified still i went on the rickety Wooden Roller Coaster Race. I was scared of the clown in the glass cabinet and the Alice and Wonderland ride, we went in the fun house and Noah’s Ark usually our Mums could be found on the Bingo stalls were she very often won an ornament made of chalk. My Mum died young so all my memories are of holidays spent in Blackpool going on the train from Westhoughton and getting a sixpence for spotting the Tower first you knew you we’re approaching Blackpool by bus when you could see the white windmill, we would ride through the Illuminations watching the boat and train. I have so many memories and I’ve tried to keep them short. Gail. (early sixties)

  17. Blackpool is a magical place, especially for ‘Kids’. I am one. I am a mature ‘Kid’ now but Blackpool is still a magical place with all its changes over the years. so thank you very much for bringing back so many memories with those lovely pictures.

  18. Thanks for this marvellous website! Regarding the scaffolding at the old open air baths, it may be from when they used to film ‘It’s A Knockout’ there sometimes. We watched them filming an episode there around that time 1969/70 ish.


    Ref your photo and question ‘where was the original Lobster Pot’ restaurant located…it was next door to the location of where Samuels used to be. It faced the side of what became BHS store. Just down from Grand Theatre.
    On the site of BHS used to be market square and I remember a WW2 messerschmitt being on display.
    Also about the time 2 planes collided over the old central station.

    1. Julie Ann Livesey

      You are right Malcolm. My mum worked at the Lobster Pot for many years in the evening on the seafood counter at the entrance to the restaurant. Many of the stars would go there after their shows and my mum would get autographs signed for me, Hylda Baker, Jimmy Jewell, The Batchelors, Kay Sisters, Tom Jones, Cilla Black & many more. She also worked at the ‘Mov’m Pick’ on Talbot Road, a take away owned by the same company which I think was The Rank Organisation. I live in France now but lived in Blackpool for 48 years. I still visit my home town, it’s changed a lot but Blackpool will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks Jane for photo’s and walk down memory lane! Do you remember or know what the big department store was called at the bottom end of Albert Road? It was where the multi-storie car park is now. I think it may have been the Co-operative but not sure.

      1. Hi Julie,
        Yes, it was the Co-op, an old multi level store which sold everything. My wife’s cousin and husband both worked there. A sad loss when it was demolished but that’s progress !

  20. John Summerfield

    Brings back fond memories of times gone by, born in Blackpool in the 1940’s and lived in Ivy House Caravan camp, near the end of Squires Gate Airport before moving to London sometime after the Coronation.

  21. A great collection of old photos. The one “average day in the 1970’s on Blackpool beach” with the car and ice cream caravan, the car is a V registration mk 5 Ford Cortina. (YML 908V) This model was introduced in August 1980.

  22. Richard C Robinson

    I remember from the sixties, the Police lost Children Caravan, the WW2 surplus DUKW trucks on the beach. The acres of deckchairs to rent, the richly tiled Victorian/Edwardian underground loos .Blackpool’s answer to Soho, Brian London’s strip Club (Brian London being a famous boxer). Blackpool Borough Police on point duty in white coats and maybe Helmets. Tram crews in Khaki summer uniforms. Richard

    1. Hi Richard, Brian London´s was still alive and well in 1975! My visit was with a post Strathclyde University, Glasgow, graduation round Britain trip with three of my geology mates in an old classic Rover car. My most detailed memory of Blackpool was our visits to Brian London´s strip club on the front. As you point out Brian was a famous boxer in his day and his low life connections must have given him access to girls willing to strip off. It was a very dingy place and the stripping went on in the basement which smelled strongly of spilt beer, stale cigarette smoke and other unmentionable substances. You sat on benches forming a square and the girls would go through their gyrations literally within touching distance – as you were invited to do a bit of touching during the show! We all loved the sheer raw seediness and proximity to full frontals of which we four geeky swotty types were very much deprived of! I think we went three times in two days! We were tempted to ask if they needed any extra staff to spend the rest of the holidays there! If you have any photos or memories I would be grateful to see them.

  23. Excellent blog, thanks for your words and your delightful, amazing photos which brought back many happy memories. I was in Blackpool yearly, 1971-1980. My father and sis are there as I write but I am far afield. I have been trying to track down any photos or info about an old man and his ‘ride’, in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It was a simple affair, a binoculars and telescopes attraction. Near to the Fun House and next to The Maze (hedges) in the late 1970’s, he had a shed on stilts, and you’d climb up a wooden ladder, into the shed, and you’d look through the elderly chap’s collection of telescopes, spy glasses, binoculars – all on tripods – and even a deep sea diver’s helmet. A static treat, no glam but all the romance of the fair. My sister, my brother and I remember it well but it was of it’s time, strictly late ’70’s, and people from earlier and later seem not to recall it. Any chance you or your relatives do? Saluti d’ Italia

    1. Many thanks for your comment Carl. I will ask the question on our Live Blackpool Facebook page and we’ll see if we can unearth any answers! Don’t forget to sign up for your weekly enews too!

  24. I went to Blackpool yesterday with my 2 sons. Some of my happiest childhood memories are at Blackpool (im 43 now). I was just looking for some old pics and ended up here. It’s amazing how all the memories come back.

    1. Ah, well now you’ve found us Mandy, make sure you sign up for the newsletter and then you’ll get lots of happy memories each week!

  25. Blackpool was and still is a great memory for me when I split up from my wife in the 80s I drove up to blackpool with some friends slept in my car and had the most fun ever.to this day in have been hooked on blackpool great pics fantastic to see the beginnings of a great place to visit well done kev

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