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Skool of Street is a group for young people, where they can have fun and learn new skills



‘POPNOCCHIO’, is a production set to premiere in September at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre- as well as two other local venue’s.


The Urban twist on the classic tale of Pinocchio will give the story a fresh and exciting edge, and see it altered to suit The ‘HipHop Theatre’ genre which is taking the nation as well as the world by storm.

‘Skool of Street and WingZ Theatre works’ are an Urban Collective- made in Blackpool. The collective established in 2013, and have a catalogue of vibrant and exciting work. The organisation is a collaborative of Dancers, singers, actors, rappers, beatboxers graffiti artists, Dj’s, Spoken word artists and movement artists.

 The work of WingZ and Skool of Street so far, has lead to the development of Hiphop arts in Blackpool, predominantly through the medium of HipHop Theatre and dance. The work has now culminated in ‘Arts Council England’ funding which will support Skool of Street in producing a fresh and exciting new piece of Theatre.

Artistic directors Samantha Bell and Aishley Docherty want to produce a piece of Theatre that immerses the audience in Hiphop performance, and leaves them with a thirst for more, Here is what they have to say about the production-

 ‘We live it and love it, It’s a lifestyle and a movement that is very empowering. Hiphop is powerful, no matter what people think of it, that is the truth. It makes people look and it makes them listen. It is an outlet, it is expression and above all it is raw. You can say what you you need to say, because it gives you a voice. It is important to us to display just how compelling, and inspiring HipHop arts can be. That is largely why we have been working on this bid for so long, we feel Blackpool needs to see this. We also really want to shake the common misconceptions within our culture, that Hiphop  is related to crime and gangs. We could tell you a brand new story, but Pinocchio feels right, its moral messages are something that many feel strongly about, and this production of ‘Popnocchio’ is us saying, we are here, we have a message, and look at what we can do with this story.’

‘Popnocchio’ is an explosive extravaganza of Funk, with something for everyone. A piece of Dance and musical Theatre that is suitable for anyone, any age and from any background. From breakdance, animation and illusion, mime, beatboxing, live music from all of the influences of HipHop, choral dance movement, physical Theatre, Spoken word and mime. This SEPTEMBER, follow Popnocchio and Jimminy Tricket into a magical land of funk and fantasy!

More About Skool of Street

Our Mission is ‘Inspiration Without Discrimination’.

At Skool of Street we offer workshops in all things Hip-Hop, for young people in Blackpool and surrounding areas aged between 7-19 years.

Skool of Street obtains funding, enabling us to offer our services FREE of charge to young people in the community.

We teach and educate Hip-Hop culture in the arts of Hip-Hop dance, Breakdance, Beatboxin’, Graffiti, Physical Theatre, Spoken word and Emcee, and DJ skills.

During our workshops, we create new and exciting pieces of Hip-Hop Theatre, and aim to engage new audiences by promoting positive and powerful messages through all of our performances.

All performances are family friendly and suitable for all ages. Our workshops and projects run during school holidays subject to available funding. The workshops take place in the Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde areas.

Our short projects are fun and skill based and offer young people the chance to explore and develop their creativity.

Longer projects run at Easter and during summer, and culminate in a Theatrical performance at local theatre’s and venue’s.

We are currently running Wingz Academy which is a FREE Performing arts academy on Saturday mornings from 11.00-1.00 at Revoe Community Centre.

Find out More

Contact Samantha Bell – 07856 310094

Email : 

Wingz & Skool of Street on Facebook


Skool of Street

Skool of Street

Skool of Street

Skool of Street

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