Three Blackpool Piers

Three Blackpool Piers!

Here on the Fylde Coast you’ve got your pick of these Victorian seaside attractions. Have a day out and visit the three Blackpool Piers – with free entry and something for all the family!

Visit the Three Blackpool Piers!

The very youngest to the very oldest members of the family will all find something to do on the three Blackpool piers.

Each one has a different atmosphere. North is the Heritage Pier, Central is packed with family rides and entertainment, while South is where the thrill seekers head to!

The three piers each have plenty of cafes and bars, places to sit-down and eat and snack kiosks. Each one has amusements, music, atmosphere and those amazing views!

North Pier

The oldest of the three Blackpool Piers, this is still a place for ‘promenading’, just as they did back in the late 1800’s. Enjoy a stroll along the decking, marvel at the views, then spend time in Bloom Bar and The Garden, enjoying the music.

North Pier is also home to the Joe Longthorne Theatre and Museum – with an amazing programme of shows throughout the year.

Enjoy a summer-time walk-about at North Pier –

Did you know that Blackpool’s North Pier is also where Sooty was discovered? You can even meet an original puppet!

Believe it or not, North Pier is also well known for a winter-time wonder of nature. All of those iron crossbars, buildings and finials make a wonderful home to resident and visiting birds. The starling murmurations are a sight to see, especially against the backdrop of an amazing sunset. Thousands of birds all swoop and dive as if one, doing their dance as they come to roost for the night. They also use the other piers too, have you seen them?

Central Pier

The second one to be built in Blackpool, it’s where you’ll find the huge Big Wheel. Take a ride around its circle and take in the stunning views. There’s also a NEW wheel planned for Central Pier for 2023.

Have a summer-time walk-about with us on a packed Central Pier that’s in full swing!

Central Pier is also home to Pirates Bay Family Bar. Here you can enjoy FREE family entertainment, at weekends during the season and daily throughout the holidays.

South Pier

The third and final pier to be built in Blackpool was South Pier. It’s a bit shorter than it’s relatives – but packed with thrill-seeking fun! Enjoy amusements and bars here, just like the other two piers. But South Pier is also home to the adrenalin rides too…

On a grey mid-week day in early June 2022, we went for a walk to the end of South Pier when it was quiet and out of season. And gave ourselves the collywobbles – walking over the iron grid that supports the rides! Have a laugh –

New Adrenalin Ride at South Pier

In July 2022, owners of Blackpool South Pier submitted plans for a new, 131ft high ride! The ride will be similar to the Star Flyer that came to the seafront for Christmas in Blackpool 2021 – but not quite as tall!

Plans for a new Star Flyer at South Pier
Plans for a new Star Flyer at South Pier

It’s going on the site of the old bungie ball Sky Screamer ride – which has now been dismantled, taken away and sold. You’ll be pleased (or not) to know that it’s about half the height of the Star Flyer. But add on the height of the pier – especially at low tide – and it’s going to be one thrilling ride.

This ride has a unique base, and with a number of holding-down bolts will secure the ride to the foundation. The pier will need some modification to support the new ride. Watch this space!

While you’re here…

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